we partied like it was 1933

The The 18th Amendment was over turned December 5, 1933 and Grammer's celebrated the 75th anniversary last Friday.
It started out slow but ended up packed, I couldn't see any evidence of the fire earlier in the year, and the place looks awesome.
Humorist H. Allen Smith claimed to be the first person to "legally" consume alcohol after the repeal and we did our best to catch up to him.

I was taking a picture of him, taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.
I may be biased but my picture(the one I took) is way better than his.
One of the many things I liked best about Grammer's? I have to go past Lucy Blue on the way home.
Hmmm Lucy Blue pizza!
Grammer's[where:1442 Walnut St Cincinnati, OH 45210]cincinnati ohio downtown otr over the rhine

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