Final Friday and some Know fundraising

House parties are fun to begin with, but remember sneaking into abandoned houses?
If was kind of like that but a 100 times better.
The Trideca Lofts in OTR hosted the Know Friday night.

Final Friday Fundraiser at Trideca Lofts
Final Friday Fundraiser at Trideca Lofts
Final Friday Fundraiser at Trideca Lofts
Final Friday Fundraiser at Trideca Lofts
Final Friday Fundraiser at Trideca Lofts
Final Friday Fundraiser at Trideca Lofts
A brick building, I look over there a brick building, I look over there a brick building, I don't get it she said.
Ya shoulda stayed in suburbia where everything is stale and boring and doesn't challenge your feeble mind.
Final Friday Fundraiser at Trideca Lofts
Valerie super cool downtowner
Final Friday Fundraiser at Trideca Lofts
Hey old dude in the back, its 9:30, have you ever tried pacing yourself?
Final Friday Fundraiser at Trideca Lofts[where:vine st. cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio otr over rhine vine st trideca lofts

the last days of Cincinnati, for Sarah

A kinda rambunctious send off party, everyone one was there it seems, Grammer's is turning into something and not just because of the Art School Girls of Doom from down the street but a good cross section of Cincinnati. Hell we had to go past Twist to get there if that tells you anything.
downtown 062downtown 053
If you don't make a splash, whats the point of even trying?

downtown 052downtown 049

The Saturday night shoes were out, we meant business
downtown 056downtown 050

Hudys for a dollar. downtown. a dollar.
downtown 057
because he had a monkey and an anteater on his back
downtown 059

because he had a monkey and an anteater on his back and a stiff drink waiting
downtown 058Grammer's
[where:1442 Walnut St, Cincinnati, OH 45210]cincinnati ohio grammer's otr over rhine beer tavern

Bike Haus

Shadeau bread early this morning and a left turn at the three little pigs lead to this.
Is this an actual business, I've never seen ads or anything for them, interesting.
Cool little street.

Bike Haus
Bike Haus
Bike Haus[where:clay street over the Rhine Cincinnati Ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown bike haus clay street over the rhine

Parker Flats Friday

The bath is all done!
I can tell I'm settled in now, last night I was bored stiff for the first time since moving in.
Somebody better start inviting themselves over for alcohol on the deck.

Parker Flats March 26 2009Parker Flats March 26 2009Parker Flats March 26 2009

Jeopardy, I'll take high above 4th St for $400 Alex
Parker Flats March 26 2009Parker Flats March 26 2009
[where:353 W 4th St Cincinnati, ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown Parker Flats condo

ghost sign

I walked down this alley a couple times a week for almost 4 years and this is the first time I've noticed this old sign.
Of course the reason is, its directly across the alley from Parker Flats and my condo.
ghost sign[where:mcfarland street cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown mcfarland ghost sign

Krystal Pepper Memorial Scholarship Benifit

Michelle one of the friends I've developed over the last year, online and IRL, and her family are in the process of developing a scholarship, in her words,

The Scholarship, is in memory of my little sister, who passed away unexpectedly at the age of 21 almost a year and a half ago. We established the scholarship to help elementary education majors at Thomas More, just like her. Krystal loved kids.
It's that time of year. Tickets are now on sale for the 2nd Annual Dinner and Silent Auction to benefit the Krystal Pepper Memorial Scholarship. We'll be having the event on April 18, 6-10 pm.

Michelle, center
Everyone's Famous! Blogger-Bash


kool thing walkin' like a panther
come on and give me an answer
kool thing walkin' like a panther
what'd he say?
I don't wanna, I don't think so

Kool Thing ~ Sonic Youth

[where:west 4th st Cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown bromwell's cinder cat store fireplace

Restaurant week, hussyfied*

Friday night grab the keys to the car.
Am I really doing this again when there are perfectly good restaurants to walk to?
Pull up in a urban strip mall somewhere off 71 in uptown whocares, boy this is really disappointing so far.
But Ms. 5chw4r7z and I have a scheduled dinner with the Food Hussy and friends, it'll be worth it just for that.

Brown Dog Cafe
Brown Dog Cafe

But don't let the exterior fool you, inside its warm and cozy just like downtown.
The staff, super nice not stuffy at all, this is looking up already.

Brown Dog CafeBrown Dog Cafe

I got wild boar, just because, wild boar sounds like something I went out and killed with my bare hands.
Its wild. its a boar and its delicious.

Brown Dog Cafe
Brown Dog Cafe

The Food Hussy has to hate me by now, I seem to always catch her mid smackdown in every picture.

Brown Dog Cafe
Brown Dog Cafe

We picked the absolute best night to go apparently as everyone complained slightly of the other places they had visited. The Brown Dog hussyified was perfect in every way, excellent service and food.

*hussy: A pert girl; a frolicsome or sportive young woman.
I think that describes Heather pretty good.[where:5893 Pfeiffer Rd Cincinnati, OH 45242]cincinnati ohio brown dog cafe
Brown Dog Cafe on Urbanspoon

Cincinnati Rollergirls

We went out to support some friends on the team, and a ton of people we knew were going, for some reason I thought we'd roll in and sit down with them just like that, no there was a huge crowd there for the first game of the season. Good for them.
I like the Cincinnati gardens, first time there, it has that old old old time feel to it, perfect for the rollergirls, what a blast, can't wait until the next one.

cincinnati roller girlscincinnati roller girlscincinnati roller girls

If Captain Painway isn't a huge Star Trek fan, I'll eat my rollergirl program.
Fav name on the opposing team, Rockalottapus.
Those wacky girls and their punny names.
cincinnati roller girls

I don't know what it means, but apparently it's important.
cincinnati roller girls

PBRs for a dollar.
yes a dolla! holla!
cincinnati roller girlscincinnati roller girls

They had to be black and blue today.
cincinnati roller girls

Our favorite rollergirls, missprint95 and the Librarian
cincinnati roller girlscincinnati roller girls
[where:cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio roller girls derby rollergirls
8 jammers

anonymous in Cincinnati

These guys were on 4th yesterday harassing the crap out of the Scientologists.
The funniest moment, a guy comes running out of their building and sets off his car alarm, honking and the protesters holding signs reading "honk if you hate cults" or something along those lines, are laughing their asses off.
I always wondered, OK, I'm not an expert here but the Scientologists seem to have something against drugs, especially mood altering, anti-depressants etc. But yet every time I walk past at least a half dozen of them are outside smoking cigarettes.
Hypocritical? Maybe someone can explain that.

anonymous[where:4th street cincinnati ohio 45202]anonymous cincinnati ohio downtown
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