Pigall's tributes

Changing tastes, changing times, whatever they want to blame it on, the last 4 star restaurant in the tri-state area has closed.
Obviously 4-star restaurants don't make enough money to justify the hassle.
Maybe places like this just aren't accessible to most people anymore. Living on 4th and walking past everyday, I can tell you the vast majority of people going in and out of there were blue hairs.
Sure, you can argue the night you went in, there were a bunch of younger people but consistently? I don't believe it, people say the place was awesome, and you get pampered but I believe its lip service, what people really want is a veneer of old school establishment, sophistication, but they want to be able to relax to.
Disagree? well I have the Masonette and Pigall's closing to support my theories, how else would you explain it?

UPDATE: One more thing, I'm going to miss the foot traffic that Pigall's generated, there were always people coming and going, plus the valets running helter skelter up and down the street, that buzz will be gone until something new opens.

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[where:127 W 4th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown


  1. I only got the opportunity to go into Twist since I've lived here for a short period of time. Was looking forward to going into Pigall's, especially since I live right next to Chalk and Greenup Cafe. Maybe the locale could've been more centered in downtown, and maybe don't see 4th street as an ideal location. who knows...nice blog, i'll be back!


  2. I thought that was really odd myself, but they're still there rotting now.