Fox Alpha Films on Fountain Square

We watched the filming on Fountain Square for a little bit last night and it just reconfirmed the opinion I formed watching the Cincinnati Bell commercial with Nick Lachey, watching the production of a film is more painful that getting cavities filled.
Its like watching the guy you can't stand make out with the hot chick at the bar.
OK, its nothing like that, but there is absolutely no compelling reason to stop and watch either.
The highlight for me, the guy with the big gun saying, "we'll be running around, just ignore us and act normal." Because like anyone from Anderson will tell you, people with guns run around Fountain Square all the time. Nothing unusual here.
But, it will be interesting to see the finished product.

Fox Alpha Films JadedFox Alpha Films JadedFox Alpha Films Jaded
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whoever you are. we need more people like you

This made my morning.
Whoever you are
I wanna thank you who...

Soapbox District party @bang

Josh Heuser, Chad Reynolds and Andrew VanSickle talked about where West 4th St. has been and their vision of where it should go. And I liked it, I'm not sure how they will accomplish it, but with the amount of money they are pouring in there I hope they can twist some arms. Narrowing streets, landscaping and cast iron benches, planters and gas lights seem to be no brainers and will enable the neighborhood to maybe even outshine the Banks. One interesting tidbit, the space that bang occupies is where Carl Solway brokered the deal for the Warhol poster of Pete Rose.
I didn't like the name "Soapbox District" at first, but they keep throwing it around and its growing on me slowly. Andrew claimed it meant "social organization of artist and professionals" to a few laughs. Some of the recently open and up and coming 4th St shops were showcased, the Boss Cox beer brewed by Barrelhouse is awesome! Can't wait to move down there.

Soapbox District partySoapbox District partySoapbox District partySoapbox District partySoapbox District partySoapbox District party
Josh Heuser
Soapbox District party[where:315 West Fourth St. Cincinnati, Ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

every time she sees a camera, she comes running

Cinder at Bromwell's

Cinder @BromwellsCinder @BromwellsCinder @Bromwells[where:117 W 4th St Cincinnati, OH 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown bromwell's cinder

Lavomatic OTR

Jackie is back in town for a limited engagement, get her while you can.

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Jackie's in town

In case you haven't figured it out already.
Here she is Qik'n from the pool and Fountain Square.

Final Friday July 25th

Final Friday July 25Final Friday July 25Final Friday July 25Final Friday July 25Final Friday July 25Final Friday July 25Final Friday July 25[where:main St. over the rhine cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown final friday

Sigg porn

Sigg[where:1109 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown sigg bottle

Mr. Gorbachev "tear down this wall"


Barack Obama rekindles memories of JFK and Reagan in Berlin

Now that Obama has won the German primary and moved on to France am I the only person disturbed by this?
Is Obama ass-kissing socialists in Europe really suppose to impress me that he's the best solution to our capitalist issues? Is he that clueless that he can compare himself to Reagan staring down the Soviet Union?

Somehow he is missing the point that while he has no business there as a candidate, Kennedy and Reagan strolled into Germany as a personification of the American people projecting projecting power into Eastern Europe.
There is absolutely no comparison.
JFK literally jumped over the fence in Russia's back yard and planted a big wet one on Mrs. Khrushchev lips then punched her husband in the nose.

raymi fighting the good fight for us urbanites

raymi fighting the good fight

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bloggers @Mercantile Library

When I walked in guess who's blog was up on the big screen?
Mercantile Library
Wine me Dine Me (In Cincinnati)
Mercantile LibraryMercantile Library
Mercantile Library
Brianne and Suzanne from Live Green Cincinnati and Jamie! I forget your blog, I'm sorry. Someone needs to stepup and tell me if I'm correct on Jamie? two beers and an empty stomach isn't much help for remembering names.
Mercantile LibraryMercantile LibraryMercantile LibraryMercantile Library
After party at Rockbottom
Rockbottom BreweryRockbottom BreweryRockbottom Brewery[where:414 Walnut St Cincinnati Ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown Mercantile Library

When I was young lying in the grass I felt so safe in the warming bath of sunlight

I'm really getting annoyed at the Fox19 campaign "SHH he's coming" advertising and I guess they want to get our anticipation peaked until we can't stand it. They better not replace Frank Marzullo, a fellow Youngstownian expat. Hopefully it will be the old guy that gets axed.

Installing wireless equipment in the Gross and Applied Anatomy labs I noticed a box full of saws and hammers. Construction stuff left over? I walked closer and noticed resin or something similarly dark on the tools and thats when I noticed a bag and a box of bones behind it. ^shudder^ man thats gruesome, I wouldn't have the constitution to be a doctor for sure, I had an upset stomach the rest of the day.

I came across a blogger who kind of reminds me of me four years ago, in a brand new city he knows nothing about but chomping at the bit to explore. If or when you decide you'd like company, give me a shout centsinnati.

UPDATE: thanks to Kate I've learned it isn't Frank thats leaving.

DRC @Hilton Palm Court Bar

Did you know they almost tore this place down in 1983? What a colossal waste that would have been. Instead it was bought and restored as close to original as possible. Once the new owners started pulling down drop ceilings and knocking down walls they were amazed what was found. Urban legend is in one room a wall was pulled down and the space on the other side still had furniture and furnishings like the guests had just left earlier. A floor was torn up and there was an ice rink that when turned on still worked.
Hilton Palm Court BarHilton Palm Court BarHilton Palm Court BarHilton Palm Court BarHilton Palm Court BarHilton Palm Court Bar
[where:35 West Fifth Street Cincinnati, OH 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown