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When I walked in guess who's blog was up on the big screen?
Mercantile Library
Wine me Dine Me (In Cincinnati)
Mercantile LibraryMercantile Library
Mercantile Library
Brianne and Suzanne from Live Green Cincinnati and Jamie! I forget your blog, I'm sorry. Someone needs to stepup and tell me if I'm correct on Jamie? two beers and an empty stomach isn't much help for remembering names.
Mercantile LibraryMercantile LibraryMercantile LibraryMercantile Library
After party at Rockbottom
Rockbottom BreweryRockbottom BreweryRockbottom Brewery[where:414 Walnut St Cincinnati Ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown Mercantile Library


  1. I'm ticked that I couldn't make was the turnout, pretty good?

  2. Its me Jami! Nice picture of us. It was great meeting you that night. I've enjoyed reading your blog.
    I've got two.
    One is just my real estate musings:
    one is green focused real estate for Cincinnati.

    hope you enjoy! see you around.