Barack Obama at the University of Cincinnati

I can't find any announcements yet but Barack Obama will be at Nippert Stadium on the campus of the University of Cincinnati November 2nd 9pm.
Of course the time is subject to change since I haven't found anything official yet.
As you may have heard via the news media, presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama will be at the University of Cincinnati campus on Sunday, November 2. Senator Obama will make a campaign appearance at Nippert Stadium. Gates open for this event at 6:00 p.m.
Because the event is open to the public, it is expected that traffic will be heavy and affect access to the campus from late afternoon through late Sunday evening. UC parking garages will be open and operating for this event and many visitors are expected.

Ms. 5chw4r7z and I will be busing it up there. Traffic will be bad, you've been warned.
[where: 45264]cincinnati ohio university obama

Parker Flats Friday

Parker Flats Oct 30 2008Parker Flats Oct 23 2008[where: 45202]Parker Flats, condo, construction, downtown, Cincinnati, Ohio

East Campus 8am

8am east campus[where: 45267]university cincinnati ohio east campus
[where: 45202]
cincinnati ohio university east campus

More Short North

Short North Columbus

Short North ColumbusShort North Columbus
Short North
Short NorthShort North ColumbusShort North Columbus
[where:N. High St., Columbus, OH, 43215]N. High St., Columbus ohio

Fountain Square flash mob

This was too cool not to repost,
The first ever FRCH Flash Mob event. One hundred and fifty employees converged on Fountain Square to form a white umbrella grid.

Originally uploaded by Reytio
[where:5th and Vine Cincinnati, Ohio 45202]
cincinnati ohio downtown fountain square

Black Olive Columbus, Ohio

After an afternoon of shopping the Short North, Ms. 5chw4r7z wanted to ty out the restaurant that replaced her favorite coffee shop at Buttles and N. High. We rolled right in when they opened the doors at 5 and had the place to ourselves, pretty sweet deal, that doesn't happen very often, plus they have food specials when the Buckeyes are in town, so we got some awesome food on the cheap, can't beat that.

Black OliveBlack OliveBlack Olive

Black OliveBlack OliveBlack Olive
[where:731 N. High St., Columbus, OH, 43215]columbus ohio short north arts district

East Campus 8am

East Campus
[where: 45202]univesity cincinnati ohio east campus

Falcon Theater and York St Cafe

When we got to Falcon Theater and I saw how small it was, I didn't really know what to expect. Sometimes the talent at these small places can be sketchy. I shouldn't have worried, the acting friday night was first class, easily one of the best acted shows I've seen this year. And as good as the cast was, when Don Volpenhein came on stage you could feel everyone in the audience lean back and collectively gasp, as Barry Klemper's estranged father, he didn't just portray a real bastard of a father, he almost made you believe he was an actual real bastard of a father.
Aside from the outstanding cast, the small space was always going to be challenging and they did as good a job as they could with the stage.
Its too late for you to see this show, but I strongly encourage you to make it to Monmouth St this winter to see another of their shows.
I know I will.

Falcon Theater

Continuing the good vibes happening Friday night, on the spur of the moment we decided to hit York St. Cafe as we drove past it on the way to the theater.
York St gets hamburgers, just padded enough to keep it from falling apart instead of packing it solid like everyone else seems to do.
This burger was awesome.
The restaurant is quirky and interesting and super cozy as we gabbed our meal away.

York St. CafeYork St. CafeYork St. CafeYork St. CafeYork St. Cafe
[where:738 York St Newport Ky 41071]

I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

--Patrick Henry

As for me I'll take Death..Cab for Cutie


Live graffiti at AVSArt

Lots of action at AVSArt lately and 4th St in general.
Ran into Josh from bang and they working away on Boss Cox and MainStay, the exteriors of both are really coming along.

AVSART LIVE Graffiti showAVSART LIVE Graffiti showAVSART LIVE Graffiti showAVSART LIVE Graffiti showAVSART LIVE Graffiti showAVSART LIVE Graffiti show
[where:315 West Fourth St. Cincinnati, Ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown art galley soapbox district

Cincinnati Athletic Club

I walk past the Cincinnati Athletic Club two or three times a day and always wondered what the inside looked like.
A couple Sundays ago I finally found out, the smoking room was incredibly luxurious, leather couches, recliners, wood paneling and the old timers talking about their dads in there smoking cigars...wish I could have been there, my imagination was going into overtime.

Cincinnati Athletic clubCincinnati Athletic clubCincinnati Athletic clubCincinnati Athletic clubCincinnati Athletic clubCincinnati Athletic clubCincinnati Athletic clubCincinnati Athletic club
[where:111 Shillito Pl Cincinnati, OH 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

The Q

The Q
The Q
The Q
The Q
The Q
The Q
The Q Switch
The Q
[where:Over the Rhine 45202]cincinnati ohio over the rhine gateway quarter

Up in the Air

Some weekends are slow nothing to do and then once a month you get a weekend like this past one, you just can't cram everything in. Sweetest day of course dictated drinks and a decadent desert so off to Twist.


AVSArt Saturday night had an interesting mix of graphic/graffiti art and an eclectic mix of people. This Thursday the various artist will all be in the gallery working on one big piece.

Up in the Air @AvsArtUp in the Air @AvsArtUp in the Air @AvsArtUp in the Air @AvsArt

Then as has become our tradition, after a opening at AVSArt we always walk over to Nada, we have this down to a science, when we got there they walked us right in and sat us at a table. If they know I'm going to be blogging it, they only smile and keep it to themselves.
This is still my #1 favorite downtown eatery , no matter what some of the other snobs say.
You know who you are.
Winemedineme left me speechless with the statement, "5chw4r7z you either really like something or hate it."
Wow, how did she sum me up like that in one simple statement?
Its weird you can know something about yourself but it takes someone else to wrap it up nice and tidy and toss it there in your lap.

NadaNadaNada[where:downtown cincinnati 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown