Death Cab for Cutie

Were oozing talent out of their pores, the kind of talent that makes you feel so mundane just being in the general vicinity with them. These guys have been growing on me for awhile and somehow I missed them if/when they came through Cincinnati so the only option was a road trip to Columbus.
I didn't feel as old as I thought I would, of course that was after the real teenie boppers there to see Tegan & Sarah left.
Arena DistrictDeath Cab for Cutie
The crowd really started getting into it, after Death Cab for Cutie hit their stride a half dozen songs in and then got to follow you the ode to Romeo and Juliette, the song about love, death and Catholic School which was a downer but in a good way and went right into the more upbeat songs that made me want to dance, but since my dancing is not unlike a someone with a recent brain injury that impairs the part of the brain controlling motor functions and self awareness and is usually carried on with autistic determination, I decided to refrain and spare other concert goers the embarrassment.
Death Cab for CutieDeath Cab for Cutie
The Arena District is a really impressive place, I hope the Banks have that kind of feel when finished, the odd thing was at 7pm on a Wednesday night the place was a ghost town. Nothing like downtown Cincinnati is getting to be on a normal weekday evening.
[where:405 Neil Avenue Columbus, OH 43215]columbus ohio downtown arena district


  1. Death Cab is good, they have musical depth which is not something you hear often these days.

    Columbus' arena district IS nice. It is great to go to a Blue Jackets game and arrive an hour early to hit the bars before going to the game. But yes, when there aren't any events in the area, it is dead.

  2. i was there too... i thought it was a great concert and i loved the venue. i didn't think it was too dead down there, it seemed like there were a number of bars over near north market which had way more of a crowd than a lot of cincinnati bars on a wed night.

  3. Death Cab is one of my favorite bands. Hopefully they come to Cincinnati sometime soon.

  4. i *heart* death cab. and even though a different sound, i also love the postal service. i agree that death cab needs to come to cincy soon.