I'll be trading this for that.....

I hate to leave Piatt park behind, the only thing that makes the early darkness bearable is walking home from work through Piatt Park.

Piatt Park

Although trading it for this view in the evenings after we move to Parker Flats won't be totally unbearable either.

Sunset on Central Ave[where:135 Garfield Pl Cincinnati, Ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

Light up the Square

It was nice to see the Square that packed on a cool Friday night, and not just the Square but for blocks around the streets were packed. Its amazing to me just how different all the doom and gloom on the news is from what I see. If this many people are downtown shopping how bad can it be? I guess this is the traditional shopping day so the weeks ahead will tell us.
Ok, after that downer, Happy Holidays everyone!

Light up the SquareLight up the SquareLight up the SquareLight up the SquareLight up the SquareLight up the SquareLight up the SquareLight up the Square[where:fifth and vine cincinnati, ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown fountain square

skating downtown

Downtown was hopping more than I thought it would be, the skating rink is now open, this little girl braving the cool weather, she had to be absolutely freezing, but didn't show it any.
Fountain square skating[where:fifth and vine cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown


I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.
In the spirit of the Macy's parade and the Rockettes, I met a few at Macy's

Rockettes at Macy's

Lynne Rossetto Kasper of This Splendid table said last week not to be a saint and to buy a pie, but this time of year I like cooking a recipe I found years ago for Apple Cider Pie. Besides it gives me an excuse to play with a cool gadget, the apple peeler/corer, makes things easy. After all the hard work Julie's putting in today, I feel obligated to put in a little effort towards dinner.

Apple Cider Pie
Apple Cider Pie
Apple Cider Pie
Apple Cider Pie

The finished product to come.....

ts done! can't wait to cut into this later.
Apple Cider Pie
[where:505 Vine Street Cincinnati, OH 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown thanksgiving

Fat Burger

Fat Burger

Kate The Great and I have a mini tweetup/blogger-bash at Fat Burger and gossip about virtual friends in real life, strange but more instantaneous.
Talking to people in real life seems so personal these days.
Or is that just me?
By the way, those pictures are larger than life, just so you know. Its like ordering off McDonald's dollar menu but paying $8 for it. Only better tasting.
There are bigger burgers on the menu, its just I made a mistake of looking at the nutritional info on the website and opted for the Baby Fat burger.
That and I like saying baby fat.
baby fat.
Fat Burger
I was expecting something more impressive for the exterior, like a temple to awesome burger taste that these things deserve. I guess I should be happy that here and there someone says hey lets pull it back a little.
Fat Burger
[where:3158 Madison Road Cincinnati, OH 45209]cincinnati ohio downtown
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I can't be the only person who gets goose bumps watching this


which evil villain are you?

Your evil
You like nothing better than secret plots and intrigues and your opponents cannot but marvel at your style and your total lack of fear. You are also a born leader - and you could even teach James Bond a thing or two.


graphics[where:eastern ave cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown


I'm not exactly sure what's going on but there's been some subtle and not so subtle pressure for me to blog on this subject, I'm gonna do it my way, so people will have to be happy with that.
As you can imagine, the projections for people needing help this season are high. But I'm sure you're sitting there thinking, "hey, its no rose garden over here either!"
So here is what I'm suggesting, I'm guessing that you'll go out to eat at least once before Christmas right?
Head over to wine me, dine me (in cincinnati) and follow her instructions to buy a gift certificate from the Greater Cincinnati Independents for yourself or someone you love. Julie will donate her cut of the proceeds to the foodbank.
Couldn't be easier. Do something for yourself, for Julie and for someone who's hungry.
Us hip urban types call that a triple bottom line (thats not the real definition but hey).
So we all cool now?

UPDATE: Just thought of something, these are so easy to buy and print it off, there is no reason if you are going to use a credit card anyhow, not to print one of these out before leaving the house and heading out.
[where: 45202]
cincinnati ohio downtown

don't you wish maintenance could be more specific about downtime?

maintenance downtime
[where:135 garfield place cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown gramercy

Anonymous said... do you and your wife ever cook at home?

on a cold Sunday morning, nothing is better than homecooked breakfast.
I need to dig out the waffle iron next....

[where:135 Garfield pl Cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown breakfast bacon eggs


The most significant tweetup in Cincinnati.
Can twitter be translated to blog?

kellyhudson Below Zero is hopping for OTRTweetup!
5chw4r7z Tons of people at below zero
kate_the_great what are you doing? the party is rockin' at OTRtweetup
marybethonline had to leave the OTRtweetup early, total bummer! It was fantastic to catch up with @KristaNeher and meet so many new tweeple!
kate_the_great sanitarium. secrets. tiny underwear. were talking crazy shit at the OTRtweetup!


5chw4r7z @kate_the_great won't show me the tiny underwear :-{
kellyhudson The trouble with a tweetup - it's hard for me to Twitter and mingle at the same time!
5chw4r7z OTRTweetup has moved toLavo, still having fun, coolest people in Cincy


5chw4r7z Everyones stressn about Bengals Ok, fine I am
redkatblonde Who Dey @schw4r7z!

OTRTweetup[where:OTR 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown twitter

Eighteenth Cincinnati Supper Club

Thanks to John and Ken for opening their awesome home to the Cincinnati Supper Club last night and cooking a fabulous meal. Some old friends we hadn't seen in awhile and a bunch of new ones with one thing in common, a passion for food and conversation. The dinner was held in an old bar, what a neat space, and the wood stove, hit the spot on a chilly night.
And it seems first timer Heather had some extra Supper club excitement after leaving the party.

Eighteenth Cincinnati Supper ClubEighteenth Cincinnati Supper ClubEighteenth Cincinnati Supper Club
Eighteenth Cincinnati Supper ClubEighteenth Cincinnati Supper ClubEighteenth Cincinnati Supper Club
Eighteenth Cincinnati Supper ClubEighteenth Cincinnati Supper ClubEighteenth Cincinnati Supper Club
[where: 45202]
cincinnati ohio downtown

Galaxie 500

Galaxy 500

you take the dog
i'll take the galaxy 500
you get the cat
you take the dishes
while you're at it take my soul
but things aint so bad
cause i got a galaxy 500
but things aint so bad
cause i got a galaxy 500
galaxy 500 in a galaxy 500
galaxy 500

-- Reverend Horton Heat[where:Elm and 7th Cincinnati, Ohio 45202]

71 graffiti

graffitigraffitigraffiti[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio grafitti

Allyn's Cafe

Saturday ended up a good day to get in a ton of errands that were put off forever, but not a very good day to be in a hurry, which I wasn't. Not driving much anymore I have morphed into a much more relaxed driver, I don't have all the road rage pent up. Anywho after a whole day of jumping in and out of a car in the cold rain trying to find somewhere to eat was a little more challenging. We never eat this early on Saturdays so I thought at 7 we could just stroll in somewhere sit down and eat, but the first place we went was packed, as was the second and finally we ended up at Allyn's which wasn't a step down at all.
Then off to Rachel Getting Married which I, in horror feared would be a romantic tear-jerker but no, Rachel had to be the heaviest, darkest wedding movie I've seen.
I thought it was brilliant, shot in low def with some different angles and seemingly catching the actors in vulnerable moments. I didn't even realize until this morning that Debra Winger portrayed Kim and Rachel's disenganged mother, boy does she look different.

Allyn's CafeAllyn's CafeAllyn's CafeAllyn's CafeAllyn's CafeAllyn's Cafe
[where:3538 Columbia Pkwy Cincinnati, OH 45226]
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