election night craziness

It all started out downtown at the McAlpin with Cincychic and their "pixel party".
Its gotten tedious over the last few weeks surrounded by Democrats, but at least they are all party people and a great bunch to be around. Gave CincyUpdate the lowdown on why they should be using twitter, I better see a commission on that.

Election NightElection NightElection NightElection Night

When we felt like we were going to explode from the awesomeness of CincyChic we excused ourselves and shot across the river to Tickets Cafe. We walked in and I stopped for a second, people were smoking cigarettes and cigars.
"I don't believe we're in Kansas anymore Toto"
After settling in WineMeDineMe and I began skool'n the local politico's on twitter, scooping all the news first.

Election NightElection Night

9pm Nov 4th, Benjamin Linus convinces McCain that he can deliver Ohio and Virginia if the handcuffs are removed.
Don't believe him John, he didn't say who he'd deliever them to!

Election NightElection Night

History making, history, never before have we elected the 44th president and we never will again.
Just think about that![where: 45202]
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