rainy days call for rainy restaurants?

We started out for the Banana Bean but once we hit C-Bus we began talking about Bodega, weekdays suck in town, we ended up parking forever away and got soaked. But sitting there waiting for the food to show up Ms 5chw4r7z says, "you realize everry time we've eaten here its been raining?" well yes that is kinda funny.
Not haha funny but interesting funny.
Since we've been there a whole 3 times over the past year, either I forgot what I ordered last time or they changed it. I remember the italian panini as way more spicier than it was.
And we got even more soaked running for the car.

BodegaBodegaBodegaBodegaBodegaBodegaBodega[where:1044 N. High Street Columbus, Ohio 43201]
cincinnati ohio downtown

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