71 graffiti

graffitigraffitigraffiti[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio grafitti


  1. The quality of graffiti has gone down in this city. This work looks quick and boring. I still say this city's best graff artist is Jason Brunson. Here's an interview I did with him a while back: http://www.pauseculture.com/article/scribe-x-jason-brunson

    Good cap, though. Keep em coming!

  2. It is hit and miss, I really like that first one though.

  3. My favorite is the sign on the overpass near the intersection of the Norwood Lateral and 71 that says "Colin Powell = Vanilla Ice". Uh...what?

  4. Dude... I am going crazy. I hope I don't jump off a bridge during The Twitter Debacale of 11/18.

    Just picked up book 4 - ready to start it this afternoon.

    Um... OTRtweetup. Yeah, it's gonna be beautiful.

    Time to eat lunch... I just can't decide what to have.

    I think those are all the tweet worthy lines I would have shared with you over the course of this morning.

    If this continues any longer, we're going to have to develop a listserv.