Christmas is coming a little early this year for downtowners

Chipotle fountain squareChipotle fountain square
[where:5th and Vine 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown chipotle fountain square


  1. aaack! this is awesome. i wanted chipotle downtown for the entire 5 years i worked there. of course, now that i don't work there anymore, they decide to install one.

    but i'm happy for the downtowners regardless. be sure to take pictures of the hours-long wait on opening day! :)

  2. It looks great. I love the vertical sign on the side of the building, and all the glass so that you can see right into the store. Can't wait until it opens.

  3. I noticed it yesterday, too, and almost drooled down my chin....(Pavlov was right)

  4. but its a chain! How can a chain be good for downtown? Support your local Cinciburrito!!