Hugs or Kisses:HUGS AND KISSES!

hugs or kisses:hugs and kisses
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snow day II

The first pictures with my newly repaired camera, its almost just like new again.

Fountain SquareFountain SquarePiatt ParkPiatt Park[where:fountain square plaza cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown fountain square piatt park

snow day

some pictures last night from high atop Parker Flats

Parker Flats Jan 27 2008Parker Flats Jan 27 2008Parker Flats Jan 27 2008Parker Flats Jan 27 2008
[where:353 west fourth st. cincinnati, ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown
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goodbye is the hardest thing to say, but a free breakfast helps

I am still exhausted from the move, I don't think I have many more of these in me.
Next time I might just burn the place to the ground and start over.
Sunday morning was the Towne Properties resident party/breakfast.
That was awesome timing and I'm not ashamed to say I may have gone through the food line more than once.
Good times, sorry to say goodbye to everyone, but we'll still see them around town.

Towne properties resident breakfastTowne properties resident breakfastTowne properties resident breakfast

We got a special performance of various Shakespeare acts by the Cincinnati Shakespeare Festival.
Towne properties resident breakfast
[where:161 west 7th st. cincinnati, ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown shillito gramercy
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I got three pictures from what seemed liked the three minutes I was there, but I really needed a break from packing and I really couldn't stay. But it was nice giving everyone a quick hello/goodbye at the #OTRTweetup.
If you're on twitter, you need to go to @kate_the_great's tweetups and meet the hottest tweeters in Cincinnati and get connected.
And a shoutout to Amy from CincyChic for hosting.

OTR Tweetup

I love @missprint95's expression, don't hate me

OTR TweetupOTR Tweetup
[where:116 E 13th St. Cincinnati, Ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown
4 Bobs yer uncles

our first home cooked meal at Parker Flats

After a frantic hours long search we found enough equipment to actually cook ourselves dinner tonight. I couldn't do one more night of take out.
Excuse the mess, its gonna take a few more days.
Parker Flats[where:353 west fourth street cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

post move in, sometime yesterday afternoon

[where:353 west fourth street cincinnati, ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown parker flats condo

lamo day at Casa 5chw4r7z

We're in full on pack mode now, getting close to ready for the Friday move.

Obama @Fountain Square

I haven't felt too bad about the whole President thing until last night, I started getting cold chills down my back. Whats going to happen when the hangover wears off? This is scary stuff, talking about hope and change is all well and good, but for some reason everyone that voted for Obama forgot their 5th grade government lessons. The executive branch can't change anything, only the legislative branch can. Are all those entrenched Representatives and Congress people going to be anymore willing to stick their necks out for Obama than they were with Bush or Clinton?
I think deep down you already know the answer to that.

Parker Flats Jan 2 2009

Building Cincinnati asks, can Parker Flats be the worst condo development in Cincinnati?[where:353 west fourth st cincinnati ohio 45202]
cincinnati ohio downtown parker flats

new hair colors, Democrat beer downtown Saturday night


All the coolest people in Cincinnati were at Twist Saturday night.
If you weren't there, sorry, don't be a loser next time.
Anyhow it was probably for the best because chances are Kate the Great, Ms 5chw4r7z and I were dis'n the dirt on you.
Just joking, all the Cincinnati tweeters and bloggers are our favs.


I'm scoop'n everyone in Cincy on Kate's new do', it looked pretty hot under the lights at Twist, all the blond chicks were totally jealous and sat down with her hopin it would rub off.
Kate was drinking Democrat beer, I won't touch the stuff just in case its contagious.
Why democrat beer? Long story, Brodi3man and I were out one night drinking at the Northside Tavern working our way through all the draft beers and that was the last one, the Beer Goddess says, yeah that's _____ favorite beer just as he started drinking and I shouted, spit it out its Democrat beer. Guess you had to be there, just one more example of why you're not hanging out with the hot crowd.

Twist[where:127 west fourth street cincinnati, ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown
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i LOve You becausE

Know TheatreKnow Theatre

At the Know Theatre opening night last Saturday.
So as you know I'm not a musical fan and probably not the best person to review this show.
So, if you like musicals stop reading right here and go see it.
If you dislike musicals like I do here's the scoop.

Of course the cast at the Know is always going to be amazing and Daniel S. Hines while not the lead totally pulled off the goofy brother and while not stealing the show, put his stamp on it.
A couple songs, I wasn't sure if it was a technical issue or the words were rushed or mumbled but I couldn't make out what they were singing, but all but those two or three songs came through crystal clear. The longer solo mushy songs would lose me and I'd start drifting off, but then the tempo would change and the humor, timing and songs like Just Friends would always snap me right back into it.
I also liked how they handled the scene changes between the apartment and the bar, simple but effective.
i would say, if you dislike musicals like I do, take one for the team and go see it, you'll enjoy the majority of it and it won't be the worst musical you see by a longshot.

Know TheatreKnow Theatre[where:1120 Jackson Street Cincinnati, OH 45202]cincinnati ohio otr over the rhine jackson st theatre actors acting

Jay Bruce* is livin large at Bootsey Rubies

Bootsy Ruby's
*It probably isn't Jay Bruce's Bently. But it could be![where: 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown Bently jay bruce reds bootsy rubies

Fountain Square lomo

Downtown lomo
[where:Fountain Square Plaza Fifth and Vine 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown fountain square

comfort food

This brutal cold has me craving and thinking today.
A SoyJoy bar isn't going to cut it, I need to wrap some heavy furs around myself and head into the deep woods with about ten friends and spear a woolly mammoth. It just seems ice age like frigid air calls for meat thats had a spear stuck in it and a blazing bonfire.
Man, when it gets this cold I can smell the fires and smell the food cooking.
Brings back the Boy Scout days and the Klondike Derbys.
Crazy, awesome beer drinking weather too.
Something about the colder it is, the richer and fatter the food is I crave.


And that brings up something else. Why Was the optimal hunting party 9 - 12 men?
Why can you can deeply care care for your immediate family and a few others, 10 - 15 people and after that it trails off some.
Most sports teams are 9 - 12 or so people.
Interesting we take that for granted.
Or is there something to it?

8am West Campus

West Campus
[where:2820 Bearcat Way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221- 0017
cincinnati ohio university rec center

funky happenings and other funky funkyness

Dateline: Jan 14th 12 noon

Sitting at the pool, holding an ice cold cocktail smoking a big cigar.
gentle breezes, fun happy peoples.
Until I dropped my drink and spilled it in my lap.
Everyone got ugly fast and rushed me.
next thing I know they're shaking me
Mr 5chw4r7z, Mr 5chw4r7z are you OK?
Damn, what was I thinking giving blood? That was crazy, lol.
Mustof dropped out there for a second.
First thing the technician asked, "go anywhere?" yeah, I was smoking a cigar. And he busted out laughing, thats awesome he said.

After a couple hour nap we headed to the Madison to see George Clinton.
swear to God there were 87 people on stage, how do they make any money?
I'm bummed the video of the roller chick in the gold shinny bikini didnt come out better but you get the jist of it.
Man is George old, he came out for the last couple songs and just kinda stood around.
But we got our funk on so it was a good night.
George ClintonGeorge Clinton
[where:728 Madison Ave Covington, KY 41011]

I didn't get nada for my birthday, I got nada for my birthday

It was bitterly cold out last night, not fit fo man nor beast. We walked straight there and back.
As we walked in we were greeted by huge knowing smiles and everyone asking Ms. 5chw4r7z about her food blog, its not really a food blog she said but its a blog.
Well anyhow we see your pictures all over the internet.
Well yes,yes you do.
And does anyone wave the nada flag harder than the 5chw4r7z? I don't think so.


Andrews pictures are popping up all over now.

Hey is that ekalb?

[where:600 Walnut St Cincinnati, OH 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown mexican restaurant food beer

an incredible Cincinnati birthday

starts off with a soaking in the steam baths at the Cincinnati Athletic Club

Cincinnati Athletic club

breakfast with Ms.5chw4r7z
Greenup cafeGreenup cafe

whats a birthday without a cigar?
Hondurans on the Square

some mission impossible on the Square
5chw4r7z on Fountain Square

yank beer out of a few bars that aren't worthy
YOU! 5chw4r7z are living the High Life

lunch with two fantastic ladies

get a cool card from a nephew
My birthday card

happy hour with local bloggers
Everyone's Famous! Blogger-Bash

wrong birthday party, get me the hell outta here!
Bite Me Ball @ CAC

some extreme biking

dinner at Nada

drinks and bouncing with Bootsy
MidPoint Music Festival

jump into and dance with a polka band
Oktoberfest Cincinnati

get a personal account of Cincinnati news

party it up at bang! with Josh
Soapbox District party

Riverfest 2008

[where: 45202]
cincinnati ohio downtown