comfort food

This brutal cold has me craving and thinking today.
A SoyJoy bar isn't going to cut it, I need to wrap some heavy furs around myself and head into the deep woods with about ten friends and spear a woolly mammoth. It just seems ice age like frigid air calls for meat thats had a spear stuck in it and a blazing bonfire.
Man, when it gets this cold I can smell the fires and smell the food cooking.
Brings back the Boy Scout days and the Klondike Derbys.
Crazy, awesome beer drinking weather too.
Something about the colder it is, the richer and fatter the food is I crave.


And that brings up something else. Why Was the optimal hunting party 9 - 12 men?
Why can you can deeply care care for your immediate family and a few others, 10 - 15 people and after that it trails off some.
Most sports teams are 9 - 12 or so people.
Interesting we take that for granted.
Or is there something to it?


  1. Interesting connection between hunting parties and modern day sports teams.

  2. what i think is interesting is that man's ancient role as hunter has made him silent and vocally uncommunicative today, whereas woman's role as gatherer has made her talkative and expressive.

    and you are correct, there is nothing better on a cold day than mammoth meat, possibly smothered in melted cheese.

  3. *grunt* there is no cheese on mammoth meat *grunt**grunt*

    But that's interesting too about how we communicate. Women talk, men act?

  4. i think it's that women talk about it first, considering what susie, kathy, helen and marsha will think and deciding on the best approach. men just bust on in without reading the instruction manual.