Raymi's layin some reality smackdown on postsecret

I was always skeptical reading Post Secret, I mean, when I read it I don't even know what to think, but I don't have to because Raymi lets it fly with a somewhat regular faceslam to the so called secret.
And she made my whole world because she said I inspired her.
Sad I know, I'll admit it.
Read her blog and then go vote her Canada's Best Diarist. It ends on my birthday so its an omen she'll win, I know it.

Have you ever had a puppy die?
If so, I now know exactly how you feel, yes, with tears streaming down my face the trusty and loyal Canon rolled over and died Wednesday night.
Close you eyes for a minute and imagine how hard it is for me to leave the apartment without my camera.
Its even harder than that.
I can't find another online, did they stop making the A640?
I guess you'll have to make due with the craptastic majesty of the Pentax Optio until I find a worthy replacement.

Here's one of Parker Flats served up from the iPhone to tide you over.

Parker Flats candles



  1. tell me what i am doing wrong it's not showing!

  2. Worst is when you run over your favorite canon elf with your own car. No yelp at all. Just a slight crunch and it was over.

  3. I've never had a puppy die, but I have had a camera die. Two weeks before Christmas, just as I was starting my blog and needed it ALL THE TIME. There was a lot of fist shaking, a few tears, and I'm pretty sure I made up a some new curse words.
    Luckily, Santa brought me a new one...