GO Buzzsaw!

It's a weird, surreal world when I have veins sticking out of my neck cheering for.. Arizona. I love anyone who beats the Steelers.

So LeBron is already better at his job than anyone else in the world at theirs, is it fair that he may also be the greatest actor of all time too?

MPMF Day 3

Day 3 and I'm running out of steam. On the way up to Main St we ran into some friends who we ended up hanging out with all night. The music was really good last night, maybe the best of the weekend. Ferdinand Fox had a ton of energy. Broadcast Live, a Rage Against type band, while I don't agree with their politiks they were really good. And I must say despite what they think of America today, they weren't, beat, shot or imprisoned for their views, so take that! Oops sorry for the political talk in the middle of a music review. Kaitee Page reminded me a little of Tori Amos, probably one of the biggest crowds for an artist all weekend.

MPMF 2007 Day 3MPMF 2007 Day 3MPMF 2007 Day 3MPMF 2007 Day 3

MPMF Day 2

Another night of good music, running into old and new friends and enjoying a really vibrant crowd on Main St. It’s a lot of fun right now, so enjoy it before downtown really takes off and we have to fight a crowd like that every night, everywhere we go. The Newbees had a Sigg on hand and therefore win the Cool, Hip, Trendy band of MPMF award. If all you other poser bands want to compete get over to P&V and get the cool black one.
And what night on Main St. would be complete without Lucy Blue Pizza? Its too terrible to contemplate. At 2am Lucy Blue is the #1 spot for spicy pizza and drunk chicks falling out of their tops.

MPMF 2007MPMF 2007MPMF 2007MPMF 2007MPMF 2007MPMF 2007MPMF 2007MPMF 2007

Final Friday Sept 2007

An abbreviated Final Friday because of MPMF, Jackie and I stopped first at Nicholas Gallery for the opening of Urban Obsessions that show cases some incredible outsider art. I was really impressed by Courtney Cooper’s ink on paper drawings of Cincinnati. I hope they are still affordable once I finally getting around to buying some art.
Of course I can’t walk anywhere downtown without a stop at Park & Vine, if you go, buy a Sigg and tell Dan I sent you.
A fast run up and down Main and we were done.
next stop MPMF

Final Friday Sept 2007Final Friday Sept 2007Final Friday Sept 2007Final Friday Sept 2007Final Friday Sept 2007Final Friday Sept 2007

MPMF 2007 Day 1

We started our MidPoint adventure at The Poison Room, and when we walked in I was punched in the face! A metaphorical punch, a literary punch but a punch nonetheless of music. I was into this heavy stuff when I was younger and have now outgrown it, but it was a cool crowd and space anyhow. The band I wanted to see started 30 minutes late and we saw two songs before sprinting out for Main St. to see Ann Driscoll at the Pizza Bar, then Below Zero and finishing at The Know. Tonight has the potential to blow the lid off with Final Friday early bleeding into MPMF. See you there.

MPMF 2007MPMF 2007MPMF 2007MPMF 2007MPMF 2007MPMF 2007MPMF 2007MPMF 2007MPMF 2007

Apple users

Ms. 5chw4r7z asked me what I have against Apple computers. Well nothing against MACs actually, they are after all only computers, but I hate the Apple users who need to point out to me how much smarter they are than me because they are using MACS. OH yeah right, that’s why you are calling me with your Apple computer network issues.
So lets peruse the macfixit forums and see what kind of high level issues these brainiacs are having, since they are so much smarter than me. (I’m not talking about those of you who DON’T lord it over me that you use an Apple)

Mac OS x won't start
Numeric pad freezes computer
What are special permissions?
how do I get the CD out?

“How do I get the CD out?” Holy crap! MAC users are so incredibly smart they are on a totally different plane of existence than I am.
I would tell them right click eject but I guess only dummies have a right mouse button.

looking glass

Happy Hour@McCormick &Schmick’s

A halfpound burger at happy hour for $1.95. That’s just crazy Big&Tasty territory there. You can’t get a full meal at McyD’s for that kinda money but you can at McCormick &Schmick’s. At least you can between 5 and 6:30pm.

McCormick & Schmick’sMcCormick & Schmick’sMcCormick & Schmick’sMcCormick & Schmick’s

We're #24

AP Poll Top 25

Kelly has been talking big all offseason, but so far he's put his money where his mouth is. I'm a believer, he'll make Cincinnati a college football town yet.

Donovan McNabb says, “he believes black quarterbacks feel more pressure than their white counterparts”
No Donovan, I think the only quarterbacks that feel more pressure are the ones that suck.
And talking about sucking, what happened to the Bengals? I thought one of their strenghts was special teams.

Twilight in The Gardens

Food, Art and Music @ Baker Hunt Art & Cultural center

Twilight in The Gardens
Twilight in The Gardens
Twilight in The Gardens

More Supper Club

Every 5 minutes was another OMG! moment on Doug and Donna's deck.
Supper ClubSupper ClubSupper ClubSupper ClubSupper ClubSupper ClubSupper Club

Seventh Cincinnati Supper Club

Every once in awhile the anticipation of something over comes me and the expectations get so high nothing could ever live up to them and I come away bitterly disappointed. Tonight was nothing like that. My high expectations were nowhere high enough. Thanks to Donna and Doug for hosting this month’s Cincinnati Supper Club. I'm really kicking myself for not taking a video of Donna explaining what the incredible food was she prepared. I’m going to have a week worth of blogs just from tonight. So while everyone, who at work today bragging about their acre’s of yard that needed mowed, were mowing their yard, I was hanging out and eating with the coolest people in Cincinnati. It really sucks if you’re not 5chw4r7z doesn’t it? The views were just incredible, I took 83 pictures which is nothing compared to Blake who was clicking away almost the entire time. The night ended with fireworks, does it get any better than that?

Cincinnati Supper ClubCincinnati Supper ClubCincinnati Supper ClubCincinnati Supper ClubCincinnati Supper ClubCincinnati Supper ClubCincinnati Supper ClubCincinnati Supper ClubCincinnati Supper ClubCincinnati Supper Club