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Hahn Conkers says:
wow. this is so funny! i spit water all over the place when i saw this.
hilarious. thanks.

sweeney_rose says:
I love your pics! Are you the girl that came in and asked if you could take pictures last week? I LOVE these!
5chw4r7z said:
Hmmmm, was she balding with a 5oclock shadow?
Mike and Elicia's wedding
dynamist says:
Edited to add: Flickr keeps taking away my all caps! Bastards!

The Carnegie
kristyrennt says:
This one of yours could be titled, "I'm gonna get you" [where: 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

The Great American Trailer Park Musical

The Great American Trailer Park Musical, yes it does hit every know stereotype known to man, but it was presented in a fun witty way. The stage was incredible, I couldn't believe the shear mass of knick-knacks they had, every garage sale for a hundred miles must have been cleaned out. Most of the cast did an awesome job and a couple of them had some incredible voices. The one weak link was Duke, the boyfriend, he was a little weak but the rest of the cast carried him along anyways.
I'm going to have to stop saying I don't like musicals, the last couple musicals I've seen I've really enjoyed including this one. I guess it helps when they are well done and also comedies.
Go see this one, you have until May 18th.
[where:1127 Vine St., Cincinnati, OH 45202 ]cincinnati ohio downtown

to blog or not to blog

Our discussions moved in and out of the blogging realm all night and at one point we talked about one of my flickr contacts who happens to be a friend of Julie's.
Her blog What I Wore Today documents, what she wore today and I think this says more about me than Julie's boyfriend but he was floored that someone would blog about that and I thought the only thing more ridiculous than blogging about that would be not blogging about it.

[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown


Friday night before Ms 5chw4r7z's show I had the unique pleasure of Aspara for dinner with Julie and her boyfriend plus some other good friends. We had a really pleasant meal and the space was just incredible. I figured I'd let her do the review since she's the professional, I'll throw up a link when she posts.
By the way, the cover of the menu was real copper and I bet the thing was a good 3lbs.
UPDATE: Julie has posted her review, spot on as usual.


Frog legs. You'll never guess what they taste like......

Aspara had a really nice loo, the essence of which I didn't capture at all
[where:4785 East Lake Forest Drive, Blue Ash cincinnati, ohio 45242]cincinnati ohio downtown
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Sunday in the Park with Bob

An afternoon of coffee drinking, paper reading and people watching on Fountain Square really doesn't seem like wasted time. The only downside, this afternoon was heavier than normal with the broadcast of Matt Maupin's funeral on the big screen, but it was still nice sitting out.
Looking at my traffic stats I notice that someone found me by Googling "bored in Cincinnati" which I found amusing for the 5chw4r7z is the opposite of bored in Cincinnati. But then I thought, if you actually are bored in Cincinnati what better inspiration than 5chw4r7z? I imagine someone bored in Cincinnati is the same person looking at a 300 sq ft closet and exclaiming there's nothing to wear, or looking at a menu at Applebee's and saying there's nothing to eat.
UPDATE: I didn't mean to imply I found anything wrong with the broadcast of Matt's funeral, just the opposite, I think its awesome the Square can be is a forum for shared events like this.

Fountain SquareFountain SquareFountain SquareFountain Square
[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown fountain square

have you ever got up and gone downstairs and found a party in your living room?

thats exactly what this feels like every time it happens.
We emerge all hungover and blurry eyed in the morning pop out of the apartment building and find a million people downtown all going about their business totally unaware their trampling all over our space like this is public property or something.
Piatt Park
[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

its full, now all we need is some warm weather

and some beer and ice
Gramercy Pool[where:135 garfield place cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown gramercy

pool time

Summertime and the livin's easy
Bradley's on the microphone with Ras-MG
All the people in the dance will agree that
we're well qualified to represent the LBC
Sublime Summertime

There's water flowing into the Gramercy pool even as we speak.
Cheladas and cigars Baby, Cheladas and cigars
[where:135 garfield place cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

anniversary on the Square

We had dinner at my favorite downtown spot last night to celebrate with take out from Shanghai Mama's, can't go too wrong with that.
Anniversary Dinner on the SquareAnniversary Dinner on the SquareAnniversary Dinner on the SquareAnniversary Dinner on the Square[where: 45202]
cincinnati ohio downtown fountain square

Party in the Park at Yeatman's Cove

Man have I needed this, and judging from the crowd I'm not the only one who felt that way last night.
After the winter and then all the rain recently, neither hell nor high water was keeping me from the party, nothing like a few beers, a warm evening and a river to put everything into perspective and make it all right with the world.
Cheers, next week its at sawyer Point.

Party in the ParkParty in the ParkParty in the ParkParty in the ParkParty in the ParkParty in the ParkParty in the Park71/75[where:651 E Mehring Way Cincinnati, OH 45202-3526]cincinnati ohio downtown party in the park

Happy Anniversary XV

Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife.

Every day it comes to this
Catch the things you might have missed
You say, get back to yesterday
I ain't ever going back
Back to the place that I can't stand
Catch the sun, before it's gone
Here it comes, up in smoke and gone
Catch the sun, it never comes

Doves Catch the Sun
[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

A new day in Cincinnati

An impromptu celebration happened at City Cellars after the Streetcar passed city Council vote this afternoon. A toast from Brad Thomas and a short speech from John Schneider and Chris Bortz.
I almost want to say something to the naysayers but I feel too good.
Good job City council.
Congrats Cincinnati.
Congrats Cincinnati resdents.
Did the world end? Guess we won't know for twenty years will we?

[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

Clay Wade Bailey and Roebling Bridge graffiti

graffitigraffitigraffitigraffiti[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

Market Wines at Findlay Market

A sunny Saturday morning is always a good excuse to hit Findley Market, don't care who you are.
This past Saturday we wandered into Market Wines and Ms. 5chw4r7z sampled some wines. I'm not a wine person myself but they also had a good selection of micro brews.
A bunch of people we knew wandered in and out in the short time we were there, some we haven't seen for awhile.
Too bad the sun didn't last.
Market WinesMarket WinesMarket WinesMarket WinesMarket WinesMarket WinesMarket Wines[where:128 W. Elder St Cincinnati, Ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio otr findley market

All Mixed Up @The Carnegie

The CarnegieThe CarnegieThe CarnegieThe CarnegieThe CarnegieThe CarnegieThe CarnegieThe CarnegieThe CarnegieThe CarnegieThe CarnegieThe Carnegie[where: 620 Greenup Street Covington, Kentucky 41011]cincinnati ohio downtown