breathing easier now

talked to an inspector, and the mortgage agent so I'm feeling much better about the closing on Friday.
Stay warm and safe out there tonight.
Ms 5chw4r7z getting comfortable while the inspector inspects.

Parker Flats dec 31 2008

13° out there already at 5pm

Parker Flats dec 31 2008

I'll never get tired of this!

Parker Flats dec 31 2008

so what do you do...

after eating out for the last four or five days?
Go out for breakfast of course.
If it involves eating at the Greenup cafe.

Greenup cafeGreenup cafeGreenup cafeGreenup cafeGreenup cafeGreenup cafeGreenup cafeGreenup cafeGreenup cafe[where:308 greenup st., covington, ky 41011]
Greenup Cafe on Urbanspoon

and what night it was

and day too, we drove back into town Saturday to some incredible weather and had planned to get a long walk in. Those plans flew out the window when eklab called and invited us to his new Parker Flats condo. How awesome was the open garage door as we walked in and out.
Then on to twist, Ms. 5chw4r7z was bummed they don't carry the chocolate mouse anymore but they mentioned ice cream lollipops which struck my imagination immediately and I had to try them. And lucky we did, the ginger honey lollipop was incredible.
Ended up shaking hands all the way out the door and the half way down the street, everyone was in such a great mood, nothing like a warm holiday weekend to put everyone in the best spirits.


First picture with my ultra cool fisheye#2 lomo camera. Its analog, I'm going a little backwards with this photo thing, this is going to be wild getting the hang of, multiple exposures, flashes the only limit is your etc. etc.

Ms 5chw4r7z @Twist

And whats a walk down Fourth St without stopping at Bromwell's and saying hi to Heidi?
Not much of a walk at all!
Picture 2 with fisheye#2.
Heidi @bromwell's[where:west fourth street 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown twist bromwell's

got to man, its America!

was my response when asked if I wanted cinamon/suger on the rim of my Great Lakes Christmas Ale draft.
Its always nice over the holidays seeing everyone I haven't seen for ages, eating way too much, smoking the traditional Christmas cigar with Big Mike, and drinking too much Christmas Ale.
its also good to be back in Cincinnati.

Christmas 2008Christmas 2008Christmas 2008Christmas 2008Christmas 2008

I don't know the meaning of this, but it sure felt like a personal welcome....
North canton, OhioChristmas 2008Christmas 2008[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

East Campus 8am

Childrens[where:3255 eden ave cincinnati ohio 45267]cincinnati ohio downtown

I (still) believe in Father Christmas

Christmas 2008

...the message there is that faith in something that is not true, as long as it is faith in goodness, is worth the huge cover-up, while disbelieving leads to all types of evil behavior such as scooping pennies off the poor, scaring little children, and being a general stick in the mud.

- - Zulieka


Merry Christmas


Got on a lucky one
Came in eighteen to one
I've got a feeling
This year's for me and you
So happy Christmas
I love you baby
I can see a better time
When all our dreams come true


shop local

Is the rage now a days and beehive co-op is waving the flag.
We were stumbling around Saturday exploring and found ourselves at Ridge and Montgomery and saw this quirky looking shop and went in.
They had tons of cool stuff in there from Ohio artists apparel, jewelry and CHOCOLATE!
After talking to Kate for a bit, it seems she got tired of waiting for her permanent location a few doors down to be finished and opened up temporarily here.
Fantastic, I'm betting people like Drew and Visualingual will love this place.

beehive co-opbeehive co-opbeehive co-opbeehive co-opbeehive co-op

And I'm not saying that because of the metric ton of chocolate they gave me to disperse at the next tweetup.
Thanks Kate.

beehive co-opbeehive co-op[where:Ridge Rd and Montgomery Road Cincinnati, OH 45213]cincinnati ohio downtown

Third times a charm

About a year ago a pool buddy told me that “Terrys” had the best burger in Cincinnati we set out to find it but ended up lost in California. Yeah I know, California for cryin out loud, honest. Tried Googling but couldn't find info on Terry's anywhere.
It was only after that I started hearing about Terry’s Turf Club, ah ha, that’s more like it. But we hit there one night awhile back and it was packed and no one looked like they were going anywhere and we ran out of time.
Last Saturday we hit the sweet spot, no one was in there yet and after we sat down 20 people rolled in over about 15 minutes.
Our server Lauren saying she didn’t drink and pushed us to make up for lost time.
Crazy lady, but in a good way, the first time we ate and we already felt like long lost friends.
But I can put all the debate to rest now, Terry’s has the #1 best burger in Cincinnati and the #2 burger in the world after Rockit.
The burgers were just how they should be, the meat was packed just tightly enough to stay together, almost falling apart, and the juice ran down your face and arms. Perfect.
The bill was wild, hand written, whens the last time you saw anything like that?
One aside here, the fresh cuts fries. The first bite brought on waves of nostalgia that a Youngstown ex-pat would identify instantly. I could smell the elephant ears, feel the chill in the air and hear Kates grandfather over the public address system at the Canfield Fair letting Joe know to meet his parents by the fountain. Or Karen to meet her boyfriend by the merry-go-round. Yeah, for a quarter you could have anything announced you want.

Terry's Turf ClubTerry's Turf ClubTerry's Turf ClubTerry's Turf ClubTerry's Turf Club

After dinner Ms 5chw4r7z wanted to see The Santaland Diaries. Now, I’m a traditionalist and don’t like people f#@k!ng with Christmas. I get it, not everyone grew up like the Waltons and have the need to mock everything that other people hold on to as holy. I’m never letting go of Santa, he’s a state of mind.
Anyhow, it wasn’t as bad as I thought being biographical, the acting was very good, takes some skills to pull off a one man show. The second act, Season's Greetings however was a whole different story. A quarter way through I totally shut it off and thought about more interesting things. HSRP, Jacob and Bella, the condo. You get the point.

New Edgecliff TheaterNew Edgecliff Theater
[where:4618 Eastern Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45226]cincinnati ohio burgers burger joint fries
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Kristy's birthday and Qik

Have you heard about Qik yet?
You will .
Qik has been voted by almost every online news or tech site that matters as one of the top companies and mobile web apps to watch in 2008. It has gained widespread use among Nokia users, but anyone without a jailbroke iPhone has been out in the cold.
Until now.
Jackie joined the startup last year. I’ve been itching to get my hands on it and give it a go and now she’s finally been able to hook me up with it.
I think it may take one or two more takes to figure out the limitations and strengths of Qik, but the potential has my head exploding with ideas.
A lead in video to compliment post pictures?
Don't know.
But Saturday night I had the iPhone out and never touched the camera and when I fired Qik up everyone gathered around and were so excited about it, so you could just tell even with my crappy stab at salesmanship Qik is onto something.
Jake Speed Cincinnati's fav singer/songwriter singing Happy Birthday to Kristy and then some 8th St shenanigans in the wee hours.

[where:210 E 8th St Cincinnati, OH 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown arnolds bar grill

Parker Flats Friday, Monday Edition

Its official, they've finished our Parker Flats condo, all thats left is to wrap it all up and close.
Probably the first of the year.
This is the first we've been there in the evening and I just can't get over how breath takingly dramatic it is at night.
I have a couple Qik videos of the space, more on Qik later, but its going to be another game-changer.

Parker Flats Dec 19 2008Parker Flats Dec 19 2008[where:353 West 4th St. Cincinnati, Ohio 45202]Parker Flats, condo, construction, downtown, Cincinnati, Ohio


More oldtimey Christmas

My father and Aunt
AuntRosemary Dad

I wish you a hopeful Christmas
I wish you a brave New Year
All anguish pain and sadness
Leave your heart and let your road be clear
They said there'll be snow at Christmas
They said there'll be peace on Earth
Hallelujah Noel be it Heaven or Hell
The Christmas you get you deserve

-- GET Greg Lake - I Believe In Father Christmas


Old Pictures

I love this stuff, Ms.5chw4r7z has boxes (and not small ones either) of old pictures. It always feels like a treasure hunt going through them. One thing young kids will get to experience less and less in the future, that thrill of digging through yellowed old pictures.
Or maybe they won't even care and its something only I get a kick out of, but I don't think so.
she still looks exactly like this
Ms. 5chw4r7z at Christmas
Ms. 5chw4r7z at Christmas

Parker Flats Friday

My future neighbor Blake closed on his condo yesterday and was beside himself with joy last night.
Check out this night shot from his kitchen.
This amps my desire to close my condo at Parker Flats from a 10 to about 15.

Uploaded by eklab

Parker Flats Dec 13 2008
Our living room on a bright sunny winter morning.
Parker Flats Dec 13 2008[where:353 West 4th St Cincinnati, Ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown