Cincinnati Art Museum

We finally got around to buying a membership to the Cincinnati Art Museum. We do enough there it will pay itself off if all we do is hit the next couple One events.
I don't know why this stuff still surprises me but as the girl was taking all my information, she said, "we're sending out invites this week to all the local bloggers" and I was taken back for a sec, and she told me they really like my blog.
Wow, how crazy is that?
This Joan MirĂ³ mural was the backdrop for the Terrace Hotel restaurant once upon a time, and was featured in the NYTimes magazine a couple weeks ago.

Cincinnati Art MuseumCincinnati Art Museum

For all their love of bloggers, they still don't like free advertising. But I guess with this crappy proposal for the new addition, they should have a model build worth looking and burn this thing. I'm saying the model is crappy not the proposal, although the model is so crappy its hard to form an intelligent decision.
Cincinnati Art Museum

My interpretation of urban man communicating in a modern world.

Cincinnati Art Museum

One of Ms 5chw4r7z's favorite pieces
Cincinnati Art Museum
Cincinnati Art Museum
Cincinnati Art Museum[where:953 Eden Park Drive Cincinnati, Ohio 45202]

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  1. Your blog rocks. I've been following it for the last couple of months, and you have increased my appreciation of what Cincinnati has to offer. (I'm a transplant.) P.S., I'm borrowing one of these pictures for my blog post tomorrow; obviously I'll give you credit.