picture takin mofo

Anonymous said...

Yeah I am curous as to how you take these pictures. Everywhere you go you take pictures. Doesn't anyone ever tell you that you can't? Don't people think you are weird for taking pictures of your food and other people trying to eat?

Once I realized it doesn't matter what line-standers think, I stopped being worried about how I look taking pictures.
I notice people acting surprised when I bust out the camera and people may think its odd, but that's OK, I am a little odd so I can live with that.
I want to give a few props and say I've been heavily influence by Ramyi among many, and Jackie, who has always pushed me past my comfort zone.
So I'd like to thank them both, even if Raymi's never heard of me before.



  1. That's a fantastic shot of Lavomatic. Man do I love that place.

  2. There is a pic of you on Cincinnati.com at Grammers! Cincinnati Blog too I think. - QueenCitySurvey