the Hip and the Hype

A niche documentary about the infamous Club Clau, which I totally missed out on, the Hip and the Hype is a a little time capsule of Cincinnati circa 2004.
Moving to Cincinnati in 2004 and alternating weekends between Cincinnati and Youngstown for a year doesn't leave much time for clubbing.
We did make it there once, a pajama jam party, if you remember they always had those theme parties, nothing in the world like strolling around OTR in your slippers and cotton PJ's.
Back to the movie, its not something I'd say you have to rush out and see, nothing life changing but it is very interesting on a couple levels.
For one, these guys all came together, wanted to do something that was bigger than they were and they did it.
And two, I met AVS and he told me I needed to see it and I wanted to check out where he came from and where all the crazy stories originate. I'm glad I met Andrew before I knew all this or I probably would have been too intimated to ever talk to him.
It was all very interesting, but halfway through someone narrating says that people in Cincinnati are comfortable. That's the only reason they are here or come here. I'll get back to this later.
This stuck with me also, towards they end, Andrew talks about his age, being a little older than the other guys was a double edge sword, that maybe there where some abuses and people where getting hurt. That's not verbatim, but a moment of dark introspect in the midst of all the rah-rah party-party.

Its cool now for me in 2008 to be in a mini microcosm of that, there's people all over Cincinnati now trying to create their little moments of greatness and even if they don't capture lightning in a bottle like the Club Clau guys did, then maybe just a little spark.
And if you find yourself down on West 4th St. stop by AVSArt and check out all the pictures and other memorabilia there through Dec 19th.



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