shop local

Is the rage now a days and beehive co-op is waving the flag.
We were stumbling around Saturday exploring and found ourselves at Ridge and Montgomery and saw this quirky looking shop and went in.
They had tons of cool stuff in there from Ohio artists apparel, jewelry and CHOCOLATE!
After talking to Kate for a bit, it seems she got tired of waiting for her permanent location a few doors down to be finished and opened up temporarily here.
Fantastic, I'm betting people like Drew and Visualingual will love this place.

beehive co-opbeehive co-opbeehive co-opbeehive co-opbeehive co-op

And I'm not saying that because of the metric ton of chocolate they gave me to disperse at the next tweetup.
Thanks Kate.

beehive co-opbeehive co-op[where:Ridge Rd and Montgomery Road Cincinnati, OH 45213]cincinnati ohio downtown


  1. Wow, that's where used to have our Pause Magazine release parties. Weird to see it all empty-like.

  2. Cool stuff...Atlanta, New York, and Cincinnati.

  3. Looks like a great little shop. Would love to know what the text on the bike shirt says.

  4. Plum Diore used to be there--great little boutique that moved to O'Bryonville, but seems to be moving again?

    I've tried to stop by Beehive twice this month, and both times it was closed even though the posted hours said it should be open. :(