Friday Night Blows

Wow wow wow was it cold friday night and it literally felt as weel as looked like a blast furnace at the River City Works Friday night. Once used to that though it was a wierd combo of being warm from the shoulders up in combonation with freezing feet. The activity surrounding the formation of the mitten was dramatic with the dual blow torches and all another cool(hot?) evening in OTR.

OMG! did 5chw4r7z really just stroll in?
Friday Night BlowsFriday Night BlowsFriday Night Blows
Persephone and Demeter watching the gates of Hades
Friday Night BlowsFriday Night BlowsFriday Night BlowsFriday Night Blows[where:532 east 12th Street in Cincinnati, Ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

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  1. Hello! My name is Anna Larson. I am a junior at Clark Montessori High School - it is a Cincinnati Public School. I am currently on 'intersession' - which is a two week intensive study of the focus of your choice. My choice of focus is currently on the arts around Cincinnati - I am in a group making a documentary about the arts that Cincinnati has to offer.

    We've only had around 4 days to film, so we had to choose our priorities wisely. We really had to chop down our brainstorm list to only five things to film - that meant we didn't have time to film friday night nlows. However, we still want to include some photos of this fantastic free art awesomeness in our documentary.

    I was wondering if I may have permission to take any photos of your website, or if you know of any websites/photographers that have photos of friday night blows that I could contact and ask to use their photos?

    Thanks so much for your time and understanding! My group appreciates it.

    Anna Larson, and the Arts Focus Group

    You can contact me at my email: