Third times a charm

About a year ago a pool buddy told me that “Terrys” had the best burger in Cincinnati we set out to find it but ended up lost in California. Yeah I know, California for cryin out loud, honest. Tried Googling but couldn't find info on Terry's anywhere.
It was only after that I started hearing about Terry’s Turf Club, ah ha, that’s more like it. But we hit there one night awhile back and it was packed and no one looked like they were going anywhere and we ran out of time.
Last Saturday we hit the sweet spot, no one was in there yet and after we sat down 20 people rolled in over about 15 minutes.
Our server Lauren saying she didn’t drink and pushed us to make up for lost time.
Crazy lady, but in a good way, the first time we ate and we already felt like long lost friends.
But I can put all the debate to rest now, Terry’s has the #1 best burger in Cincinnati and the #2 burger in the world after Rockit.
The burgers were just how they should be, the meat was packed just tightly enough to stay together, almost falling apart, and the juice ran down your face and arms. Perfect.
The bill was wild, hand written, whens the last time you saw anything like that?
One aside here, the fresh cuts fries. The first bite brought on waves of nostalgia that a Youngstown ex-pat would identify instantly. I could smell the elephant ears, feel the chill in the air and hear Kates grandfather over the public address system at the Canfield Fair letting Joe know to meet his parents by the fountain. Or Karen to meet her boyfriend by the merry-go-round. Yeah, for a quarter you could have anything announced you want.

Terry's Turf ClubTerry's Turf ClubTerry's Turf ClubTerry's Turf ClubTerry's Turf Club

After dinner Ms 5chw4r7z wanted to see The Santaland Diaries. Now, I’m a traditionalist and don’t like people f#@k!ng with Christmas. I get it, not everyone grew up like the Waltons and have the need to mock everything that other people hold on to as holy. I’m never letting go of Santa, he’s a state of mind.
Anyhow, it wasn’t as bad as I thought being biographical, the acting was very good, takes some skills to pull off a one man show. The second act, Season's Greetings however was a whole different story. A quarter way through I totally shut it off and thought about more interesting things. HSRP, Jacob and Bella, the condo. You get the point.

New Edgecliff TheaterNew Edgecliff Theater
[where:4618 Eastern Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45226]cincinnati ohio burgers burger joint fries
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  1. Yay! You remembered my Papa's gig at the Canfield Fair! To this day, my dad and my sisters are all in agreement - we must make a trip up there to check out the rides and have some fudge.

    Jacob and Bella... You carry a torch for that match up, don't you? :)

  2. I can still hear his voice, I bet I could pick him out of a crowd.

    I hated Edward for a book and a half. But it worked out in the end and I forgave him.

  3. Now if Terry's would only get some utensils...

  4. Schwartz,
    Glad to hear you finally made it, knew you would love it, FYI Terry is a hard core publican like you. Did you notice the sign? I keep telling Terry he is missing a huge marketing opp, he needs to serve up a roll of paper towels with each burger. Try some of his killer cocktails next time, we are addicted to the Salty Dog. Oh yea, watch out for the blow dart gun.

  5. The giant knife they haul out to cut the burgers is always fun.

  6. Six and a half bucks times 2 is $13, not $13.50. Quaint, but innaccurate.

  7. I forgot about that knife Casey, you could take on a small gang with that thing, or hack your way through a jungle.

    Ms5chw4r7z laid a few napkins on her plate so her fries wouldn't get soggy, but my burger didn't last long enough for that.

    Wow, I drank so much that night that 6.50 x 2 still equaled $13.50 until you pointed it out.

  8. I'm so glad you ate there. The burgers there melt in your mouth. Last time we ate there Marty and I also headed to the same theater. We saw Death of a Salesman. Loved it.