Parker Flats Friday

Looks like we may have jumped a few hurdles and aree getting closer to closing at Parker Flats.
"They" told me that 5 people closed this week and I did see people moving in.
Why does it alway seem to be cloudy days when we go in?

View from the entryway

Parker Flats Dec 3 2008

Huge sky!

Parker Flats Dec 3 2008Parker Flats Dec 3 2008Parker Flats Dec 3 2008

Lots of horizon

Parker Flats Dec 3 2008

Everyone who can see Carew Tower from their kitchen raise your hand.

Parker Flats Dec 3 2008

Bonus picture, does the building look absolutely incredible?

Parker Flats Dec 3 2008[where:353 West 4th St Cincinnati, Ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown


  1. Looks like kitchen sex is out.

  2. I live across the street, please tell me kitchen sex is out


  3. If you got some smart glass, kitchen sex could still be on.

    Or at least a curtain of some sort.

  4. wow, so much for OpenID working. I have no idea what it did to my name there.