CWB 1st Annual Holiday Social

So I was amazed for some reason on just how young all the twitterers were, I don't know why. Because of how intelligent they sound online?
Cool evening, literally it was like 20° out there but we got a close spot so not so big a deal.
Thanks Cincinnati Woman Bloggers for hosting.

CWB 1st Annual Holiday Social

Liz:if i could get any present it would be a cuisinart food processor. i know it is nerdy but that is what i really want!

Loree if you could give a present to anyone in the world who would it be?
Loree:My adorably awesome cat, Lennie Briscoe. He loves the 'nip.

CWB 1st Annual Holiday Social

Amy: If I could give a present to anyone it would be my Mom who died in 97.

Evan:If I could get a christmas present from anyone, I would want to get one from Kandinsky.

CWB 1st Annual Holiday Social

If you could could receive any present,
Rob:I would like Mattel to realize their Masters of the Universe Classics toyline should be adding articulation, sculpting and paint detail and scale to the 2002 He-Man toyline, not slightly updating the old, busted '80s He-Man toyline. If I'm going to pay $20 for an action figure—and I have, many, many times—I shouldn't be getting re-used limbs and accessories in a misguided "homage" to the old toys. If this gift is too nerdy, a $1000 gift certificate to a liquor would also be fine.

If you could give any gift, what would it be?
Debba:For anyone and everyone, I wish I could wish for a cure to cancer. Too many friends are dealing with it, it is way too common and it takes away people's dreams.

CWB 1st Annual Holiday Social

Ms 5chw4r7zI would give everyone world peace & prosperity but if I couldn't pull that off, giving everybody some red wine and dark chocolate would be a good alternative.

CWB 1st Annual Holiday Social

ShannonIf I could receive a present from anyone in the world I would love it to be from my brother Nathan. I was three, and Nathan was one, when he passed away. I'd love to be able to have five or ten minutes to talk to him. It would be the ultimate gift.

If you could have any present,
LauraThe perfect gift would be to see the Ohio River Bike Trail from Lunken to downtown completed in the next year or so.
I'd ask for light rail too, but that would be like asking for a pet dinosaur -- crazy looks from people would ensue.

Thanks for sharing everyone, that was more beautiful than I hoped.


  1. great pics! it was a lot of fun meeting you guys too. i can't wait for more fun blogger events!

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