Old Pictures

I love this stuff, Ms.5chw4r7z has boxes (and not small ones either) of old pictures. It always feels like a treasure hunt going through them. One thing young kids will get to experience less and less in the future, that thrill of digging through yellowed old pictures.
Or maybe they won't even care and its something only I get a kick out of, but I don't think so.
she still looks exactly like this
Ms. 5chw4r7z at Christmas
Ms. 5chw4r7z at Christmas


  1. In the future, people will find weird stray files on their computer or iPod with names like, P1237318.jpg.
    They will double click on them (or blink their eyes twice) and pics of some in-law's cousin's friend's step-kid will pop up.
    Hopefully, with people emailing pics all over the place, the question of, "Now who has the family pictures, anyway ?" will not be necessary.

  2. How CUTE! Yes, her smile is exactly the same :)