Bubbles and Holly Holiday Spectacular

@ the Cincinnati Athletic Club, I just love this old building, I'm wanting to get a membership just to hit the steamrooms. Didn't get as many pictures but if you remember a while back I took a ton.
I can't believe there are still peple downtown I haven't met, but they keep rolling them out. So I talked to a bunch of old friends and met a bunch I had been wanting to talk to forever.
Thanks to Soapbox Cincinnati for hosting this, its funny I met Eric Avner and I'm telling him "I know you from somewhere"
DOH! I see his picture on Soapbox every week, any rate the little bit I got to talk to him there is still tons of unfinished business at Soapbox, so I hope they keep fighting the good fight for everyone who cares about Cincinnati.

Bubbles and Holly Holiday SpectacularBubbles and Holly Holiday SpectacularBubbles and Holly Holiday SpectacularBubbles and Holly Holiday Spectacular
[where:111 Shillito Pl Cincinnati, OH 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown


  1. Thanks for coming out on something of a dreary night. be sure and mention Soapbox when you join (only 100 bucks for 3 months, no obligations--just the tonic for those cold wintry months).


  2. I thought there was a nice crowd and it was nice chatting with you and Erin Marie again.
    -- QueenCitySurvey

  3. Soapbox came out to my dog and pony show for work today! Was so glad to see new media among the traditional journos!