Bootsy Rubys

Met the CincyChic girls and WineMeDineMe at Bootsy Ruby's last night, or officially, Bootsy's produced by Jeff Ruby's. thats a mouthful, can I start the ball rolling to just call it BR's?
A soft opening they didn't tell anyone I don't think, all word of mouth. Its a super cool place, bright eye popping graphics and a neat upscale vibe. We got drinks and Ms5chw4r7z ordered plantains for an appetizer that were scrumptious. If you need an official food review you'll have to check WineMeDineMe, but from what I heard everything they tried was fabulous.

The ties, ftw?
I can't believe I didn't get a picture.
Either a stroke of absolute brilliance or the Titanic steaming to the bottom of the fashion ocean.
I vote the latter.
I guess I'm just not that hip.

Bootsy Ruby'sBootsy Ruby'sBootsy Ruby'sBootsy Ruby'sBootsy Ruby'sBootsy Ruby's

One of my favorite Cincinnati artists, Andrew VanSickle, has a piece hanging in the womens room. BOO, why isn't it somewhere we can all enjoy?

Bootsy Ruby'sBootsy Ruby's
[where:Walnut Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202]


  1. The place looks great! I wasn't sure how it was going to look, but it seems as though it turned out fine. I may even check the place out.

  2. I went last night and absolutely loved every part of my experience. The service was great, the food somehow managed to be even better than that, and the atmosphere was just as you would expect from a restaurant produced by Jeff Ruby.

    One of the coolest things was having Ruby and his entourage stalking the place all night long correcting the staff on mistakes and observing literally everything.

    I think I liked the ties.