The last thing on Earth you'll never see

I always thought the emblem for the Hamilton County Coroner was ominous and interesting. A picture doesn't do it justice with the brick background.

Hamilton County CoronerHamilton County Coroner

Cincinnati Supper Club: The Eighth

Nice laid back evening at Jackies for the Eighth Supper Club. She has the coolest apartment and I know its weird but I rate any place where you can view the flag on top of Carew. The chicken and shrimp were awesome along with the company. Oh and how can I forget those homemade pecan tarts, my willpower was no match.

Supper ClubSupper ClubSupper ClubSupper ClubSupper ClubSupper Club

Galaxy Skateboards

At one time this place was a jewelery store, it reminds me of Welcome to Collinwood for some reason, except the bad guys got away. The story goes they tunneled through the basement came up through the back room floor and used a blowtorch to get through the last lock in the vault.
Oh and they sell Kokomo Joe skateboards and a bunch a reasonably priced t-shirts and jeans.

Galaxy SkateboardsGalaxy SkateboardsGalaxy SkateboardsGalaxy Skateboards

Final Friday October

This season I've seen the biggest crowds at Final Friday. 5 to 10 pm just isn't enough time to see everything anymore. Unofficially Final Friday is slowly creeping outside its original boundaries. We started at the Nicholas Gallery and then walked up Vine St. Even though Mica/12 wanted to be open last night, they were still busily setting up shop. Back to Main St there were new young artist moving in, lots of energy there. In addition to the young starving artists the young internet millionaires were out in force also.

Final Friday OctoberFinal Friday OctoberFinal Friday OctoberFinal Friday OctoberFinal Friday OctoberFinal Friday OctoberFinal Friday OctoberFinal Friday OctoberFinal Friday OctoberFinal Friday OctoberFinal Friday October

8am East Campus

8am East Campus

The Delta Queen

Can a long time Cincinnatian clear this up for me please.

QUOTE;The act prohibits wooden boats from carrying more than 50 overnight passengers.
Rep. Steve Chabot, R-Ohio, wants a 10-year exemption. "The Delta Queen is a national historic treasure, and I think it would be a real tragedy if it is shut down," he said.
Why can't they continue operating during the day? I don't understand why this is the end of the world for the Delta Queen.

Parker Flats Friday

Parker Flats

View to the southwest on a rainy day

Parker Flats is coming along now, although the update we got yesterday said March for a move in date so it wasn't clear if the was us, whom they told Jan 31 or the rest of the building. Anyhow we got a tour of the construction site the other day and will have some cool views. The balconies are much bigger than I thought they'd be. Have you ever watched Blade Runner? Thats what the tour reminded me of, it was raining like crazy and all the stairwells had water pouring down them, of course there were no stairs just ladders so I was almost soaked through by time we were done. All the pictures I took came out bad, but with this one, the rain lent a gritty industrial look and with desaturation in Photoshop I really like how it came out.

You're telling me this isn't the first time it's happened? That somehow history repeats itself?

Pike Street Press

A short history of the election, an interesting read, no wonder the conspiracy theorists go nuts.
In the few years before the election the Republicans had totally take over the state governments, governors, senators and representatives. Then came the presidential election and when the results came in the Democratic candidate had handily won the popular vote and seemingly the election, but wait, there was a dispute over the electoral votes.

While the Republicans boldly claimed the election, the Democratic candidate mystified and disappointed his supporters by not fighting for the prize or giving any leadership to his advocates. Instead he devoted time to the preparation of a complete history of the electoral counts over the previous century to show it was the unbroken usage of Congress, not of the President of the Senate, to count the electoral votes.

Commissions were formed, courts visited, but in the end Cincinnatian Rutherford B. Hayes claimed victory in the 1876 election over Sam Tilden and upon his defeat Tilden said "I can retire to public life with the consciousness that I shall receive from posterity the credit of having been elected to the highest position in the gift of the people, without any of the cares and responsibilities of the office."

To his credit Tilden didn't begin making mockumentories of the reconstruction or anything like that, but he helped purge the corruption of the nations earliest years from the system so we can all rest in the knowledge these things will never happen again.

Randy Moss is sick!

SICK [sik] adjective

1)crazy, cool, insane

Every reciever has a crazy catch once a year it seems like. But Randy has one or two a game. I tried to find a video from yesterday but no one has anything posted yet, too soon I guess.

Bengal bugs

There were thousands of these guys on the shrubs of our patio yesterday. They slowly migrated the lenght of the patio and after a couple hours disapeared next door. Did they all just hatch? Weird.

Bengal bugsBengal bugs

Via Vite

Sweetest Day drinks and dessert Saturday night. The place is way bigger inside than you would think seeing it from the outside. The views from the outside deck are good, the weather was wasn't too bad, but then I had a jacket on, the girls in skirts looked a little cold.

Via Vite
Via Vite
Via Vite

Breakfast at the Pike Street Press

Have to admit I wanted to go there to see Ryan's panoramic image of Cincinnati in person. Its a dramatic picture, I would love to get the 17' wide version for our Parker Flats condo after we move in. But maybe a more manageable size is in store for the area above the kitchen when we move in. The area Pike Street Press is located in Covington seems really cool with the new Pulse Lofts across the street. I could almost imagine living there, almost.

Pike Street PressPike Street PressPike Street PressPike Street PressPike Street Press

Pillowman @The Know

The Pillowman at the Know Theatre is billed as "The Departed" meets "Pan’s Labyrinth". I didn’t get the connection, but it seems like their new marketing campaign is to give you a simplistic idea of the show ala Amazon. If you liked “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “American Psycho” you will love The Pillowman. I guess that may work to help get people in but they totally missed it on this one. To me it was more Of Mice and Men meets W. Shakespeare and Quinton Tarentino. Like Shakespeare this was set in an indeterminable foreign country and had great tragedy. I’d say Tarentino for the gruesome murders and picked Of Mice and Men because, well, you’ll just have to see The Pillowman yourself because if I tell it will spoil it. It was well written and acted and had enough twists and turns to keep the audience engaged for the entire show. The Know has been experimenting with multimedia for over a year now, and this is the show they really pulled it off, the dreamy trippy narrated black and white noir made perfect sense and added to rather than distracted from the show as has been the case in some of their previous productions. Go see the The Pillowman, you won’t be disappointed, it runs October 18 - November 10.

The Know TheaterThe Know Theater

Sung Korean Bistro

At the corner of 7th and Elm, Sung may be off the beaten path but its well worth seeking out. The food was incredible both in taste and in presentation. We went with a group of the usual suspects and I shouldn't have been surprised but we also knew half the people in there it seemed like.

Sung Korean BistroSung Korean BistroSung Korean BistroSung Korean BistroSung Korean BistroSung Korean BistroSung Korean BistroSung Korean Bistro
Sung Korean Bistro on Urbanspoon