Kristy's birthday and Qik

Have you heard about Qik yet?
You will .
Qik has been voted by almost every online news or tech site that matters as one of the top companies and mobile web apps to watch in 2008. It has gained widespread use among Nokia users, but anyone without a jailbroke iPhone has been out in the cold.
Until now.
Jackie joined the startup last year. I’ve been itching to get my hands on it and give it a go and now she’s finally been able to hook me up with it.
I think it may take one or two more takes to figure out the limitations and strengths of Qik, but the potential has my head exploding with ideas.
A lead in video to compliment post pictures?
Don't know.
But Saturday night I had the iPhone out and never touched the camera and when I fired Qik up everyone gathered around and were so excited about it, so you could just tell even with my crappy stab at salesmanship Qik is onto something.
Jake Speed Cincinnati's fav singer/songwriter singing Happy Birthday to Kristy and then some 8th St shenanigans in the wee hours.

[where:210 E 8th St Cincinnati, OH 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown arnolds bar grill

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  1. Thanks Bob! Showing it off at Christmas.