Christmas downtown

If living downtown makes any kind of sense, it makes the most sense during the Christmas holidays.
Reminders are everywhere you look, plus a 60' Christmas tree.
The parents 5chw4r7z were in town over the weekend and we did all the touristy things.
First things first we hit Tazza Mia, and when they swiped our rewards card, balloons and streamers popped out of the ceiling and we got a free coffee and a nice mug. w00t!
9,853 more coffees and we get a trip to New York with Bob.

Tazza Mia

Christmas display downtown

This is the first time walking around the train display that I've looked up. Have you ever noticed the base reliefs mounted on the back wall? Lots of detail and stuff going on there.

Duke energy train displayDuke energy train displayDuke energy train displayDuke energy train displayDuke energy train display[where:441 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown duke energy train display

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  1. i want the shillitos elves back!!! my dad would take my sister and i downtown every year when we were kids to shop for my mom's christmas present. we would look at all the christmas stuff and see the elves and the trains and the tree. but my favorite part was the elves. i miss them.