can't believe.......

I ate the whole thing.
Thanksgiving Wednesday night at brodi3man's. nice traditional dinner.
Thanksgiving Thursday night at Julie's, nice delish dinner, some special treats.
A last minute decision to eat at Via Vite early Saturday with the old people but hey, we walked right in and sat down, thus side-stepping the one person I refuse to be, a line-stander.
But who's that behind the bar? hey man didn't you move to Chicago?
turns out he did and came right back and jumped to a new bar. Say hi to Mike next time you hit Via Vite.
That penne rocked, I should have stopped half-way though, I was almost crawling out of the place. 'spensive but man was it good.
So we're at the bar having a cocktail after dinner and the hostest walks up, your tables ready sir.
LMAO, damn I shouldn't have left a tip that big, they're trying to sit us right back down again.

Via ViteVia ViteVia ViteVia Vite
obligatory gratuitous loo shot

Via Vite
[where:520 Vine Street - Cincinnati, OH 45202 ]fountain square cincinnati ohio downtown
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  1. Hey 5chwa4r7z [wow that is tough to type] when are you moving into Parker Flats?