So while heading out and strolling past Sully’s I heard someone shout,
5chw4r7z, 5chw4r7z
I turned and looked, “hey whats up?”
You gotta come in, its crazy in here tonight!
I looked dubiously at the line outside the door, “no don’t think so, I’m not standing in line”
I’ll come around and tell them Jesus in a plaid shirt is coming and they’ll let you right in.
But you know half the people in here.
Yeah it the other half I’m worried about, drunken line-standers bumping into me.
But you stand in lines everywhere else.
For instance?
The bathroom.
Are you kidding me, guys never have a line but don’t tell me you stand in line for those nasty overflowing toilets in Sully’s? You know you could walk 4 doors down to Rockin Robins right?
But then I’d have to wait in line to get back in.
Thanks for making my point Twist has bathrooms nicer than my office, sometimes, I don’t even have to go I just like to walk in there and look around.
Ok, you have to wait at the bar for a drink.
Nope, walk in and sit down and a young girl in a clingy shear dress hands me an OTR Ale and asks Ms. 5chw4r7z what wine she’s drinking tonight.
But don't you sometimes like doing what everyone else is doing?
No, I just enjoy a quiet stylish place I can have an intelligent conversation.

TwistTwistTwistTwistTwistTwist[where: 45202]
cincinnati ohio downtown

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