AVSArt Gallery

Wandering down 4th St we noticed AVSArt Gallery open and wandered in. What a gallery, formerly Posh, formerly Linda Schwartz gallery. The current show Kevin Kelly's eye popping "Pop Art" is very interesting. Questioning relationships in a kind of he said she said manner. We ended up gabbing away with Andrew more than deciphering the true meaning of each piece but they had a way of pulling you in with the many layers of detail. Its refreshing to see a show like this in what locals are always complaining is a conservative town. And it has ruffled a few feathers, someone aparently is insanely jealous of Andrews success, Jessica Simpson and actress Tara Reid both own one of his paintings. I really liked the inspiration behind the Ascent is on Fire. He told me he kept seeing people out photographing it and an offhand remark, "man the Ascent is on fire" led to the piece.
I can't wait to see what else 4th has in store for it, its on its way up.

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