Cincinnati, bi-otch!

Nati Life found this video, awesome.
I wanted to share it also so everyone not living in Cincinnati can eat their hearts out.
Campfire Crush, haven't seen them forever, are they still around? I must not be trying hard enough.

Then you have WLWT's sensationalized news story How Safe is Downtown? pissing on everyones bonfire. Isn't the old media kinda like the uncool kid who, not understanding or even wanting to join the party, spends all his energy trying to drag everyone else down?

"Its a little after midnight and the streets are starting to thin out a little" Eric Flack

Who is still saying downtown is dead after 5pm? Not even WLWT can deny that anymore.
Just goes to prove what I've been saying, its a big city, of course if you don't pay attention and get off the beaten path you going to get into trouble anywhere. But in the core of the CBD? safe as can be for a big city.
What I find interesting is when I watch the news all the crime and violence seem to be out in the suburbs. Don't they even pay atention to their own news stories? I don't know where Anderson is, but from watching the news, I'm not going any where near it.[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown


  1. The WLWT story clearly showed that none of them have any clue about what goes on Downtown.

    I also found it interesting that it took him until roughly 4am to find some trouble...and he had to go looking for it. If you went looking for trouble in Blue Ash you could easily find it too. That holds true in any place. If you want to find trouble, it is always there to be found.

    I wonder if WLWT reported the individual who they were trying to convince to sell them drugs?

    And yes, apparently the same people who say Downtown is dead after five, reported that the crowds started to go home around 3am. Nice work.

  2. What a great video! I don't see way anyone wouldn't want to go to Cinci after watching that.

  3. I liked how calm and friendly and articulate the dope dealer was. Maybe Flack should have interviewed a hooker and shown they are humans, too.
    Oh wait - that wasn't his goal.
    I gotta say - that first video is pretty damn white.