living within your means, tough credit and investing your stimulus package

Nasty, Brutish and Short had some interesting observations on people living within their means after the NY Times ran a story about the real estate crisis forcing people to do just this. Reinforces my opinion of how we're creating an entitlement based society. Seems like only yesterday everyone was wringing their hands over how expensive housing was and the lower income people were getting squeezed out. Now that housing is affordable again, everyone is hand wringing over the low house prices.

The Washington Post reports three federal agencies will announce today a set of new regulations on the credit card industry that could put an end to some of the sector's most criticized practices. The credit card industry unsurprisingly states " it would make credit more scarce" Uh, thats a bad thing? Isn't easy credit getting some people into trouble in the first place?

No doubt you've been bombarded from every angle about what to do with the money from your share of the stimulus package, what should you buy, should you save, etc.etc. I think most people will pay a bill there fore do absolutely nothing for the economy. If you want my advice, invest it. And I just happen to have a hot tip for you.

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