Jackie's last supper

Well she's not actually leaving until tomorrow but it was easier to get everyone together to send her off. Ms. 5chw4r7z, Mary, Steve, Drew, Blake and me. I don't know if its me or not, but Lavomatic is the one place I never noticed time passing, it is so easy to hang out there talking and eating. Haven't got out of there in under two hours yet.
I'm going to miss her, she's had a big impact on my online life and seeing the internet and social networks in a whole new way.
Yesterday afternoon I was sitting out on the deck and it hit me, my life has evolved into one of the data networks I manage. I have all the physical connections of the people around me in Cincinnati. But I also have a whole group of logical connections, sort of a VLAN if you will, where I'm connected to a whole web of people who could live in Cincinnati or anywhere really. An interesting idea I think for how my relationships have changed over the last year. So in a way, she's leaving, but she won't be gone. I hope she doesn't forget us little people here in Ohio once she's out west, something tells me she won't.

LavomaticLavomatic[where:1211 Vine St. Cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

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