Guns and Chickens @Fringe

Guns and Chickens set on a minimalist stage and starting out with, what? interpretative dance?
Not sure.
It was interesting and set the story up, a farm is wiped out by a tornado, the last chicken runs away and the farmer's son, Peter strikes out to make his fortune.

Finge Festival

What did it all mean? My take is the farmer and the bartender represent the older generation who believe hard work is the only way to success, Peter and his friends the younger generation who want to take the shortcut to success and become poorer and poorer for it, and the chicken, the disruptive new class who challenge and question everything.
For chicken set it right up at the beginning,
"in chicken mythology there is no chicken crossing the road, or even any roads for that matter"
So she shouldn't be judged by any preconceptions we have of her.
I really liked this one, get to the Know next week, theres two more showings[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio otr know theater jackson street underground fringe festival

Taste leftovers

Taste of Cincinnati

Laura of Cincinnati Nomerati, does a much better job of summing the whole this up than I did,
I am sure we made a funny picture as we proceeded down the street.
“no, Fran-ess-konner”
“close. Franz-ess-konner”
"eh, closer."

You need to read the whole thing
And julie from winemedineme has her version up also.
Taste of Cincinnati
[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

Sex, Dreams and Self Control @Fringe

A semi autobiographical coming of age story set in Southern Indiana, Kevin Thorton's spoken and musical performance at the Coffee Emporium was well received last night to a pretty good crowd. At a hour and a half I was worried about it really dragging but once he got on a roll it went fast.
Thorton's performance was relatively fast paced, and the times it did slow down it never dragged. The recurring dream revolving around the spider with a "raspberry beret, the kind you find in a second hand store" which for some reason didn't even hit me until the end, a Prince reference, DOH!
Why does it seem like some of the best performers were raised in the strictest or most repressed religious households? There's a whole other story right there
The one caveat, maybe the Coffee Emporium isn't the greatest location to see a play, its definitely not the worst by a long shot, but those seats were getting hard and uncomfortable by the end of the night.
Still lots of time to see this one if you want a good laugh!

Know theatre

com'on, no need to insult me, I know this isn't Jazz!
lucky for me it said nothing about twitter!!!
no text
[where:1120 Jackson Street cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown otr fringe festival know theater


Northside graffit
[where: 45202]
cincinnati ohio downtown

sunny morning Northside

Northside graffit
[where:hamilton ave cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio northside graffiti

if only it was Saturday things would be better in every way

usually the 5chw4r7z is pretty happy go lucky so I don't know what was going on, the moon, the atmosphere, don't know but nothing was gonna satisfy or make me happy.
Maybe I just needed a nap.

Take the Cake
Take the Cake
Take the Cake

Some fresh air and coffee helped and a nap, bounced back and wasn't too bad after that.
Some really good food didn't hurt either.
Feel kind of bad for stepping on a few buzzes, hopefully no one holds it against me.

Take the Cake
Take the Cake
Take the Cake
Take the Cake[where:4035 Hamilton Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45223]
cincinnati ohio downtown

Taste of Cincinnati

So I had the honor of hanging out with not one BUT two Cincinnati foodies Sunday evening, Winemedineme and the Cincinnati Nomerati. Crazy crazy evening, ended up drinking a little too much, I probably ended up talking their ears off, hope I wasn't too stupid.
Was it me or did it seem like the food stands were thinner this year, there were some noticeable gaps here and there, I guess Carrabba's took Julie's criticisms to heart and stayed home.

Taste of CincinnatiTaste of Cincinnati

write your room number on your hand if you plan on heavy drinking
Taste of CincinnatiTaste of CincinnatiTaste of Cincinnati

The WestEnder
Taste of CincinnatiTaste of CincinnatiTaste of CincinnatiTaste of CincinnatiTaste of Cincinnati

this is not out of focus, this how it actually looked 4 beers in.
Taste of CincinnatiTaste of Cincinnati
[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

Reds vs. Indians

We lucked out and saw them the night they won, always seems to work out for us when we go to a game.
But either way I couldn't really lose being an Indians fan also, but I like the Reds chances down the stretch so I'm glad they won.
Sizemore lead off with a 1st at bat homer.
Arroyo was pitching like a man possessed but didn't get any help from the bats until late in the game, he really didn't deserve that crap.

Reds vs Indians May 22 2009

Reds vs Indians May 22 2009Reds vs Indians May 22 2009Reds vs Indians May 22 2009

these suckers were deceptive, didn't seem like much at first
then somewhere along the line...WOW these puppies are HOT HOT
Reds vs Indians May 22 2009Reds vs Indians May 22 2009

its not how I'd do it, but if you're into that condiment stuff, hey, more power to you
Reds vs Indians May 22 2009

what'ya think?
don't know?
maybe throw a strike?
ok, sounds good.
Reds vs Indians May 22 2009

they WIN!!!!!
Reds vs Indians May 22 2009Reds vs Indians May 22 2009
[where:Pete Rose way Cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown baseball reds indians great american peanuts hotdogs

Naked Karate Girls!

yes, naked. karate. girls!
Taking over Sawyer Point.
except they weren't naked
or even girls
but they did put on a good show, unfortunately they were a cover band and did mostly 80s tunes.
fortunately they had so much fun doing it, I could over look the crappy music and enjoy it.

Naked Karate GirlsNaked Karate GirlsNaked Karate Girls

???? I got nuttin
Naked Karate GirlsNaked Karate Girls

everyone else was at Party at the Point, why weren't you?
Naked Karate Girls
[where:Pete Rose Way Cincinnati, OH 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown