this gas stuff is getting ridiculous

Does Shaking The Nozzle Give You More Gas?

Is this the biggest waste of news print ever? Its gotta be up there.
I wonder where the inspiration came from, maybe the editor wanted a sensationalized news story.

5chw4r7z says (2:30 PM):channel 9 news "Does Shaking The Nozzle Give You More Gas?" ROTFLMAO!!!!
Brodi3man says (2:31 PM):ofcourse! it does!
Brodi3man says (2:31 PM):duh
Brodi3man says (2:31 PM):lol
5chw4r7z says (2:31 PM):my dad told me if you shake it more than once you're playin with it
Brodi3man says (2:32 PM):should say. many shake the nozzle to keep gas from dripping down the side of thier car. f'n morons.
Brodi3man says (2:33 PM):oh i guess it does further down
5chw4r7zsays (2:35 PM):i always shake it to keep it from running down my leg, but thats me.

Every news station this morning leads with how the high gas prices affect everything.
Who Knew?
Come on, who's the target audience for these stories anyhow?
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