Venture Fourth

CityBeats newest edition's City Living insert Venture Fourth got my interest because very shortly I'll be living down there. There's been a lot happening on W. 4th and I can only imagine it will continue to get better. The neighborhood still needs a really cool coffee shop, I need to try Cafe Barista some Saturday morning, but I'm sure it won't be exactly right. I did find out the scoop on unheardof. They are going to feature limited addition artist designed sneakers. There is a whole trade network in these things and it seems Cincinnati is an untapped market right now.
So here is my stroll down W. 4th St. over the last year.

Fox Alpha FilmsTwistCinder at bromwell'sSwizzle at Twistunheardofbang!AVSART GalleryBoss Cox
[where:West 4th St. Cincinnati Ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown west fouth street

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