speeding buses, Fountain Square and giant rats

Just hanging out at the bus stop this morning soaking up the sun with a couple other people and the #78 is running late, unusual as I can normally set my watch by it. So about ten minutes late here it comes and shoots right by us the driver looking the other way so hard its obvious she's not even attempting to pick anyone up today.
Bummer, I'm not in a hurry so I grab a sausage sandwich and a coke from the pushcart guy and hit Fountain Square for 20 minutes until the next bus shows up.
The Convergys Building must have an infestation problem because a bunch of guys are outside complaining they don't like rats.
Amen! Me either.
There's always a ton of food in the office and I'm always waiting for the day we start seeing droppings all over the place.
If you've walked around downtown today no way you don't know the Cyclones are at US Bank Arena this weekend and all beers are $1. Is that ever legal to spray paint all over town? This looks really bad, I hope someone gets fined.

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