the Ikea campaign

I know everyone in Cincinnati has beaten us to Ikea, but I took some pictures anyhow. It took us like 6 1/2 hours to get through but we were having such a good time it didn't feel like it, well I guess it did a little we took a break halfway through for lunch. Lunch like breakfast was dirt cheap, we got the veggie wraps and a slice of chocolate cake. We started on the wraps leaving the desert for last which was a huge mistake. Eating the wraps gave us enough energy to wrestle over the cake! So an upturned table and a few overturned chairs later we dug into the cake. Oh man, we should have got one wrap and two slices of cake.
Live and learn.
The coolest part of Ikea and the most time consuming was the rooms they setup you couldn't just walk through, you needed to actually open ever door, pull open every drawer and peek in every closet.
But we got so many ideas for Parker Flats my head was bursting with all the possibilities.

Ikeabreakfast and lunch at Ikeabreakfast and lunch at Ikeabreakfast and lunch at IkeaIkeaIkeaIkeaIkeaIkeaIkea
[where:9500 IKEA Way West Chester, Ohio 45069]cincinnati ohio downtown ikea west chester

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  1. You definitely are not the last ones to go. My husband and I have not been there yet.