and what night it was

and day too, we drove back into town Saturday to some incredible weather and had planned to get a long walk in. Those plans flew out the window when eklab called and invited us to his new Parker Flats condo. How awesome was the open garage door as we walked in and out.
Then on to twist, Ms. 5chw4r7z was bummed they don't carry the chocolate mouse anymore but they mentioned ice cream lollipops which struck my imagination immediately and I had to try them. And lucky we did, the ginger honey lollipop was incredible.
Ended up shaking hands all the way out the door and the half way down the street, everyone was in such a great mood, nothing like a warm holiday weekend to put everyone in the best spirits.


First picture with my ultra cool fisheye#2 lomo camera. Its analog, I'm going a little backwards with this photo thing, this is going to be wild getting the hang of, multiple exposures, flashes the only limit is your etc. etc.

Ms 5chw4r7z @Twist

And whats a walk down Fourth St without stopping at Bromwell's and saying hi to Heidi?
Not much of a walk at all!
Picture 2 with fisheye#2.
Heidi @bromwell's[where:west fourth street 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown twist bromwell's

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