A new day in Cincinnati

An impromptu celebration happened at City Cellars after the Streetcar passed city Council vote this afternoon. A toast from Brad Thomas and a short speech from John Schneider and Chris Bortz.
I almost want to say something to the naysayers but I feel too good.
Good job City council.
Congrats Cincinnati.
Congrats Cincinnati resdents.
Did the world end? Guess we won't know for twenty years will we?

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  1. Chris Bortz, Milton Dohoney, Michael Moore, John Schneider, and Mayor Mallory deserve a hell of a lot of credit. Great work, and congrats on clearing a big hurdle.

  2. Agreed! Congrats on a job well done! There's still a lot of work to be done with gathering all the necessary finances, but it is certainly great to see such a huge hurdle behind us!
    Good work everyone! Keep it up!