Parker Flats closing

We finally closed Jan. 2 on the Parker Flats condo.
Everyone has asked aren't you so excited?
Truthfully its been such an up and down ride, its more relief than excitement.
And after a month of beating the bejezus out of everything, we did the paper signing in less than 20 minutes.
If there's any fine print that says something like our interest doubles next week we're screwed, I didn't do much reading.
Can't wait to get in and start having parties.

Parker Flats Jan 2 2009Parker Flats Jan 2 2009Parker Flats Jan 2 2009[where:353 west fourth street cincinnati ohio 45202]Parker Flats condo downtown Cincinnati Ohio



  1. The unit looks great, and your views look even better. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations for enduring...

  3. Congratulations, guys. The place looks awesome...

  4. Parker Flats......Jeez after dealing with Middle Earth I am surprised anyone is buying there. The building is great, but the developer is a less than truthful, and does not take responsibility for their actions. I feel sorry for those that work for them.


  5. Jim,
    Its been a long strange trip, but the condo is definitely worth it.
    It just took a little extra effort on our part.

  6. We're neighbors now! My office is across the street from McFarland from Parker Flats. I've been watching it go up these past few years. I hope it's awesome for you and the Ms!