new hair colors, Democrat beer downtown Saturday night


All the coolest people in Cincinnati were at Twist Saturday night.
If you weren't there, sorry, don't be a loser next time.
Anyhow it was probably for the best because chances are Kate the Great, Ms 5chw4r7z and I were dis'n the dirt on you.
Just joking, all the Cincinnati tweeters and bloggers are our favs.


I'm scoop'n everyone in Cincy on Kate's new do', it looked pretty hot under the lights at Twist, all the blond chicks were totally jealous and sat down with her hopin it would rub off.
Kate was drinking Democrat beer, I won't touch the stuff just in case its contagious.
Why democrat beer? Long story, Brodi3man and I were out one night drinking at the Northside Tavern working our way through all the draft beers and that was the last one, the Beer Goddess says, yeah that's _____ favorite beer just as he started drinking and I shouted, spit it out its Democrat beer. Guess you had to be there, just one more example of why you're not hanging out with the hot crowd.

Twist[where:127 west fourth street cincinnati, ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown
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  1. Awww! Those are great pics! And I don't think Stella is Democrat beer - I just think it's *good* beer :) Looking forward to seeing you all at the Blue Ball!

  2. You both like it and you're both Dem-O-crats!