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Dateline: Jan 14th 12 noon

Sitting at the pool, holding an ice cold cocktail smoking a big cigar.
gentle breezes, fun happy peoples.
Until I dropped my drink and spilled it in my lap.
Everyone got ugly fast and rushed me.
next thing I know they're shaking me
Mr 5chw4r7z, Mr 5chw4r7z are you OK?
Damn, what was I thinking giving blood? That was crazy, lol.
Mustof dropped out there for a second.
First thing the technician asked, "go anywhere?" yeah, I was smoking a cigar. And he busted out laughing, thats awesome he said.

After a couple hour nap we headed to the Madison to see George Clinton.
swear to God there were 87 people on stage, how do they make any money?
I'm bummed the video of the roller chick in the gold shinny bikini didnt come out better but you get the jist of it.
Man is George old, he came out for the last couple songs and just kinda stood around.
But we got our funk on so it was a good night.
George ClintonGeorge Clinton
[where:728 Madison Ave Covington, KY 41011]

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