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Know TheatreKnow Theatre

At the Know Theatre opening night last Saturday.
So as you know I'm not a musical fan and probably not the best person to review this show.
So, if you like musicals stop reading right here and go see it.
If you dislike musicals like I do here's the scoop.

Of course the cast at the Know is always going to be amazing and Daniel S. Hines while not the lead totally pulled off the goofy brother and while not stealing the show, put his stamp on it.
A couple songs, I wasn't sure if it was a technical issue or the words were rushed or mumbled but I couldn't make out what they were singing, but all but those two or three songs came through crystal clear. The longer solo mushy songs would lose me and I'd start drifting off, but then the tempo would change and the humor, timing and songs like Just Friends would always snap me right back into it.
I also liked how they handled the scene changes between the apartment and the bar, simple but effective.
i would say, if you dislike musicals like I do, take one for the team and go see it, you'll enjoy the majority of it and it won't be the worst musical you see by a longshot.

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