Stanczak cigar

On Facebook, Kate tagged me "25 things about me" but I'm Facebook illiterate so its getting posted here.

1. I was born in Peru, Indiana at the Bunker Hill AFB
2. Peru was the Circus capital of the world and I barfed big time in the museum there
3. My mom says I was the only baby she every saw that wouldn't put anything in its mouth
4. That probably explains things to people who've seen me eat
5. I love doing a wide range of things and suck at most of them
6. The video game gene skipped my generation
7. MAN, only a third of the way here?
8. I can't spell for s#!t, in college Ms 5chw4r7z would howl with laughter while editing my papers
9. In another life I'd be a Formula1 driver
10. I rode sport bikes in my youth
11. I had some long hair goin' on too
12. I want to retire to a warm island and run a coffee bar
13. I'm a sucker for little girls with pony tails
14. or freckles
15. If the island thing doesn't workout for me, anywhere warm where I can sit around and smoke cigars would do.
16. I'm a beer snob
17. 1/3 there, sheesh this is harder than you would thing it would be
18. I get excited when I can really help someone else
19. When I have the chance to cook for just me, I LOVE buttered macaroni
20. Pizza is still my favorite food group though
21. I actually like riding the bus to work
22. Its not because I'm cheap, inexpensive cigars are (mostly) just as good as expensive ones
23. I like visiting and exploring new places
24. One of my pet peeves are blogs with no contact info, and default settings
25. I got a thing for eye glasses, and now its creeping into hats

I'm going to tag Ms. 5chw4r7z, Kelly, Dan, Gerard and "RedKat"


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  2. Glad to know I'm not the only one who struggled coming up with 25 things!

    I am with you on #18 - My husband jokes that I would give all of our money away if he let me - and then on #24- People shouldn't make it hard to contact them. I shouldn't have to 'dig' for your email.

  3. Fun comments and fun to get to know you better.

    I loved riding the bus to work in Minneapolis too. Greatest people watching - just hilarious, cheap entertainment.

    Congrats on the new home!

    I'll come visit you and the Ms. at your island coffee bar. Debba

  4. #5 I love doing a wide range of things and suck at most of them